~ Surviving Life with Four Indoor Cats
~ Wounded Falcon at Raptor Park
~ My Top 10 Movies
~ An Afternoon in the Hills
~ Seizing a Photo-Opportunity on New-Years-Eve!


~ 8 Important Points to Hiring a Photographer
~ 9 Articles Loaded with Photographic Tips
~ Dare to be More than You are right Now
~ Shooting Flowers whilst Picking Strawberries
~ All Groaned Up
~ Calibrate the Colours of your Monitor Regularly
~ I Own the Twitter Fail Whale
~ Come to South Australia, Go to Kangaroo Island
~ Freshly Picked Strawberries are the Perfect Lunch

MARCH 2011

~ Can you solve the restaurant mathematics?
~ Definition of Five Photography Words
~ NEW: Four More Rat Shirts
~ Finding About Yourself Using the Internet
~ One Way to Have a Great Weekend – My Way

APRIL 2011

~ Review of Adelaide Art Gallery
~ Photographs of ANZAC Day Memorials
~ All the Stuff I did on ANZAC Day
~ 15 Reasons To Never Give Up
~ Selling Photography from Multiple Online Galleries
~ Adelaide Zoo needs MORE Flamingos
~ Another Massive Camera Lens
~ Definition of Five Photography ‘Light’ Acronyms

MAY 2011

~ Why I Don’t Drive and Why I Finally Want to Learn
~ How to Make Money from a Liquidation
~ Photographer vs Smoker
~ Enjoying the SBS Eurovision
~ Breaking and Replacing Lenses
~ Five Different Views of the Adelaide CBD
~ 10 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials
~ Rotunda on Elder Park
~ My Top 10 Delicious Tags
~ Top 10 Ways to Get your Partner out of Bed

JUNE 2011

~ Photographs at Rocks Reserve, Balaklava
~ Making Money Online
~ Find me between WordPress and Tumblr
~ Self Portraits on Flickr and Redbubble
~ Breakfast Blues

JULY 2011

~ War Wounds from Failed Flying
~ My Thoughts on ‘Red Tails’
~ How to Fail Miserably at Flying
~ Wanna buy a Baseball Cap?
~ Making a Delicious Smoothie
~ Listening to a Beautiful Voice
~ It’s Official: I am a GooglePlus Addict
~ Re-Entering the Web Arena
~ Elements of Typography
~ Building Apps for Android Smart-Phones
~ Inspired to Write
~ Surviving Option-Paralysis Syndrome


~ Surviving Change
~ Into the Wilderness of Youth and Inexperience
~ Cats, Books and More
~ Photographs of South Australia
~ Have to Laugh at Myself
~ The Power of Advertising on Social Media
~ Week of Comments
~ Faulting the Plastic Holga Lens
~ Blue Photographs
~ Remembering the 2004 Tsunami
~ Did I Really ‘Just Fall Over’
~ Discovering my Bruises, Realsing how Battered I am
~ Concert Photography from 1980′s


~ Understanding and Appreciating the Effort of Photographers
~ Photography, My Recreational Diversion
~ My Flower Photographs
~ Remember
~ An Evening with Kristen Weaver


~ Donating Photography for a Worthy Cause
~ QotM, October 2011
~ My Halloween Tattoos
~ Save Space on your Computer
~ Getting your Art Accepted on Redbubble
~ Nine New Tshirts
~ Early Morning Sales


~ Free Credit Cards
~ Twelve Days of Tshirts
~ Having an Opinion is Important
~ Making Every Opportunity Matter
~ Trait: Self Respect
~ How Online Entrepreneurs Make a Difference
~ Being an Online Entrepreneur
~ Simplification
~ Surviving Big Mistakes


~ Street Photography in 2012
~ My Last Photography Purchases for 2011
~ Geek Stuff I Wish I Got for Xmas 2011
~ Being in an Online Photography Group
~ Surely How Kahlua Decided the Flavours
~ Why am I Wearing Headphones
~ Equality Comes from Within
~ Email Marketing has Gone to the Dogs
~ Offering all that You can
~ Xmas Gifts for the Canon-Geek Photographer
~ Vintage Cars in the Adelaide Hills
~ Make Creativity your Life, not just a Hobby
~ Hand Rearing a Magpie


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