Fifty-Nine Funky Sunglasses (Video)

First you read about and saw photographs of them all; Now see the video about all the sunglasses I have for sale. 

Did you watch till the end? Did I look good or did I look good in those funky sunnies?

That took me 1 hour to script, 2 hours to shoot, 3 days to create – in all my spare spare-time!


Fifty Nine Sunglasses (Soon For Sale)

Sunglasses Assortment 05Early this year I took possession of a crate load of sunglasses.

At the time I figured I would clean them and find them all mangled and wrecked. The owner thought they already were.

Over the weekend I finally got the dirty work completed – washing and drying each one individually … and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They may be a few out of vogue, but they are in excellent condition!

I now have FIFTY NINE 1980’s sunglasses, some of which I am calling a ‘colorful series‘, a few ‘post-modern’, and some very ‘funky‘ designs also in the collection.

But what am I going to do with them? Yep, they are going onto my eBay. But not before an amusing video is produced.

Sunglasses Assortment (Monochrome) 02

Sunglasses Assortment (Square) 01

Sunglasses Assortment (Monochrome) 01

Sunglasses Assortment 01

Sunglasses Assortment 03

Sunglasses Assortment 04

See any that appeal to your fashion, or you want to be a trend-setter?
** Ten dollars each. ** Five dollars each, plus five dollars each in P&H.
Contact me via Twitter or Facebook, and make the purchase with PayPal.

Kangaroo Island Art Displayed Online

Once a month I volunteer to sit, show and sell local art.
Not just mine, but anyone’s in the Kangaroo Island Gallery. All exhibitors are required to do volunteer work instead of paying an exhibition-fee. It’s actually a fun job: Sit & sell in the gallery at least one full day or two half-days per month. Located at 1 Murray Street, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, behind the Kingscote Council Building, it’s actually an ambient place to be all day.

So I go the extra mile during my shift:
I use the time to create short videos showing off the curator’s change-of-location of all the amazing artwork. In each of the following videos you will notice that rarely is any artwork in the same place each month.

Video #1: Kangaroo Island Art Gallery: Open All Day, Every Day

Video #2: Three Minutes in the Kangaroo Island (Art) Gallery ‘Top Room’
Someone once said “Build it and they will come”. The KI Gallery has built a new room. It’s time for you to come, view, peruse and purchase the artwork.

Video #3: 30 Years Retrospective of Kangaroo Island Artwork
Artwork on display at the Kangaroo Island Gallery in the new ‘Top Room’ at the back of the shop. Take some time out of your day to appreciate them.

I look forward to seeing you there one time!