Naming Photography Collections Appropriately

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Breaking Through to the Other Side A few nights ago I was pondering if I should give my photography collections fancy names.

I wanted to use interesting words that described the nature of the collection yet without sounding all pretentious and prissy.

It still had to sound masculine, yet attracting everyone. So I did what everyone does: I googled a few words, changed the criteria a few times and finally stumbled onto these two articles:

How to Name Your Packages

Lawrence says in the first line: A vital element of packaging and promoting your products is language.”
So true.Choosing each word to specifically convey the message you really want to say is paramount. See I what I did there? Seriously, read this, your product range will go from basic to premium in no time!

Top 10 Tricks for Creating Photography Packages that Sell

Leah Remillét, a strategist for professional photographers, shares her top 10 tips we should all know about offering photography packages to our clientele. She offers better word choices, better structure to your offer, and the difference between cost and value. I love her tips on when best to start on any project.

Line Up I am sure there are more articles regarding the issue.

These two say enough for me to consider where I want to go from here. Look out for MY premium gold collection or the Caviar on Crackers collection! ;)

Using Twitter to Get Camera Recommendations

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Rear view of Professional SMC Member

Hard to believe it, I have had a Twitter account since mid 2008.

For a long time it was just something I looked at from time to time, not understanding how anyone could cross-converse in such a hectic and vibrant community. It looked (and sometimes still does) like a bazillion monkeys chattering over the top of each other, all clambering for the highest point to ensure their voice is heard.

Yet it turns out to be the best way to ask questions that a MASSIVE amount of people can respond to and (mostly) give a good response. Here is one great example:

I asked on Twitter earlier this evening…

With only one response, I chose to follow the link.

Considering many of my friends are complete arseholes, that was a big risk. Wait, wait, what I mean is they are Australian’s who like to use any opportunity to make fun of each other, which all of us, including the recipient, laugh till it is someone else’s turn. So when an Australian calls you an arsehole or a bastard, more often he is saying either “Aha, you got me!” or “Damn, you take the best holidays!”

Turns out this is a great sugggestion for a second camera. So I tried to follow with a less than 140 character reply. Considering all of the amazing features, I had to find just one or two that warranted a twitter response. So, Ric, @aqualung, this is what I have to say about the Fuji X-T1:

Read the full review of the Fujifilm XT1. I got what I wanted from Twitter. Which really is amazing.

Don’t Stop The Future: Blok IT!

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Mother of a Board

I have a shed loaded with electronic waste that goes back 20 years.

I have motherboards, sound cards, old cellular phones, cabling, stenographer tape decks and much more. Somewhere in there I have a 3GB box that is twice the size of a standard shoe box – I use it as a paper weight and a reminder of a time that man wants to forget.

What I have noticed recently is that I still have most of the mobile phones I have purchased outright. This includes a few NOKIA bricks (sorry guys, it is true!). The earliest phone I remember owning was a flip-phone that always reminded me of communicators in Star Trek! Beamed straight from the series that continues to influenced the design of Tablets.

So I found PHONEBLOKS via advertising on Youtube. I quickly realised they deserve merit and entrepreneurial advertising!

Their idea is that the screen and features (ie, phone, camera, speakers, antenna, memory) are all separate blocks that connect to a standard base by way of pins and screws at the ends to keep it all secure. Therefore anyone in the world can build a phone to specifically suit their desires and lifestyle.

I reckon I would buy a PHONEBLOK. Imagine if each block embedded came in multiple colours. Sleeves and water-proof cases will still be necessary, bling is all part of the franchising of a product.

I’m keeping an eye on where this concept goes. So should everyone. The world is changing, again!

Now I am wondering what I am going to do with this shed of obsolete electronic gadgetry. Thinking of getting a strong metal muncher to make mince-meat of it all – and then somehow spraying it onto canvas or concrete to make wall art. Now that would be modern art!

Watch the video that describes how it all works and ‘fits’ together:

Copper Highway

Bookmarks of Interest

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Roped Rock God

Despite two real-world events today, I’ve still managed to get onto the online world to visit and read a few world wide web sites of personal interest … and here they are for others to read.

OK, they are really published here so I don’t have to bookmark them on my computer. Since changed hands I have found it to be more useless than a watch with no hands.

What this list really shows how extra-eclectic my reading often is. One of them has music playing in the background – a little old hat for web sites, yet this is cool.

  1. The Business Mistake that Cost Me $1.5 Million – Entrepreneur Jen Bilik learned a lesson the hard way when she trusted the wrong person.
  2. Backed by first round’s dorm room fund, Pagevamp turns Facebook pages into Websites.
  3. Why businesses should act human on Facebook.
  4. Conran imagines a digital camera with a retro spirit .
  5. StartUp Weekend Adelaide . Being a long-term resident and worker in Adelaide, I had to mention this page. I really should get along to one of these events, just to see what it really is all about.
  6. The difference between a Mobile Site and a Full Site by Jakob Nielsen.
  7. The Innovative Brain

Monitor Failure

For anyone who think they can determine a person’s personality by the web sites they visit … good on you.
For anyone thinking this is just an average post, I agree. It’s time I started writing again. Again.

Four Simple Tips for Selling Products by Phone

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I’ve been housebound for about 3 weeks, suffering from Gastro, Severe Vertigo, and Tinnitus.

Consequently, I have had to deal with the 3 or 4 telephone calls each day that, according to the person ringing, are not selling anything. Yet, ultimately, they are.

What has rattled me today is not that they call me – but they fail to sell themselves properly, if at all.

If the people employed are done so for the communication skills, then someone is failing to realise that communication is not just about speaking, it is about listening.

After the last phone call, I was so angry with the caller that I wrote these 4 important points in less than 5 minutes. I can only hope that someone out there who runs a call-centre reads and installs these ideas into the telephonists:

Dear perpetrator of the telephone centres that call households oh-s0-many times each day, here are few tips that MAY keep the house-bound on the line.

#40 On the Dog and Bone 1. Ask questions, don’t assume.
Rather than jumping straight into your spiel, ask if the home-bound is actually applicable to receive your product. This will save both of us a lot of time.

2. Explain yourself.
Whilst you might think your standard regimented spiel is perfectly written, I will ask questions of you. Particularly who you are, who you represent, why you are calling me, and how the frak you got my number. If you cannot explain these few facts, you have failed representing the business you are trying to sell.

3. Have alternative spiels.
How I hate your spiels, your pre-written script, your incredibly non-descrip description of your product. When I interrupt (and, oh, I will!), have an answer – don’t keep repeating yourself. If you cannot talk, I won’t bother.

4. Listen!
When I have a question, listen to my question. Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t repeat yourself. Stop, Breathe, Listen. Listening to voice mannerisms, for huffing in exasperation, for nothing (because I will be silent while you rant through your spiel), and for dial-tone. If you don’t listen, neither do I.

The next time one of you call me, I trust you are listening.

Oh, You know what I really should do? Once they state who they are (which they amazingly rarely do!), stop and say…

Gotham Wallpaper

Before you go any further, I should let you know that I am recording this call so I may go through it again later.
I am doing this because as a human I cannot retain that much information all at once.

Even if I am not recording it, it would be interesting to see how they respond, if at all. I’d hope I’d hear more dial-tone than spiel.

That’s it. For now. I may add to this list. Particularly if I am stuck at home much longer. Looking forward to going back to work!