Dell Upgrades Causing Intermittent Buzzing

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My DELL laptop, running Windows 8.1, started buzzing every 60 seconds during YouTube video’s earlier this evening (16 Feb 2015). It was annoying and I wasn’t sure what was doing it. Was it Youtube? Was it the laptop? Was it my gaming software?

Rather than being an average user (ie: wondering how much I would have to pay Richard Pascoe to fix my laptop), I researched online to determine if it was a known issue.
Colour Coded

TIP #1: The first thing you learn on most ICT help-desk’s is that Mr Google is your best friend. Heck, every job interview I have there is nearly always this question:
Q: What do you do if you don’t know the answer to a user’s query?
A: Google it.

Bingo. I had to test a few key words; Initially I was thinking it was due to Nvidia updates,  so I searched Google for ‘recent Nvidia update problems’.

TIP #2: Always seek for your issue with the word ‘problem‘ in the search. Then select ‘Search Tools‘, drop down on ‘Any time‘ to ‘Past week‘, thereby reducing search range to most recent information. If you don’t, it will default to the most common looked at page – which are often many years ago!

Initially some of the results suggested Nvidia, but most were not recent enough. I suspected the issue might be closer to home: The laptop. So I changed to the search parameters to ‘dell audio buzzing’, the answer was revealed and verified in the DELL community support forums:
Pile of Computer Boards

1. Open ‘Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features’
2. Remove ‘Dell Support Assist’ and ‘Dell Support Agent’
3. Reboot or Restart your machine.
4. Play youtube video to test if issue persists.

DISCLAIMER: This remedy fixed my laptop with its specifications. It may not suit every brand or computer. If you are not sure or don’t feel confident doing this yourself, I highly recommend Richard Pascoe, the Adelaide Tech Guy. I get no kickback from recommending him, we are just good friends.

Using Twitter to Get Camera Recommendations

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Rear view of Professional SMC Member

Hard to believe it, I have had a Twitter account since mid 2008.

For a long time it was just something I looked at from time to time, not understanding how anyone could cross-converse in such a hectic and vibrant community. It looked (and sometimes still does) like a bazillion monkeys chattering over the top of each other, all clambering for the highest point to ensure their voice is heard.

Yet it turns out to be the best way to ask questions that a MASSIVE amount of people can respond to and (mostly) give a good response. Here is one great example:

I asked on Twitter earlier this evening…

With only one response, I chose to follow the link.

Considering many of my friends are complete arseholes, that was a big risk. Wait, wait, what I mean is they are Australian’s who like to use any opportunity to make fun of each other, which all of us, including the recipient, laugh till it is someone else’s turn. So when an Australian calls you an arsehole or a bastard, more often he is saying either “Aha, you got me!” or “Damn, you take the best holidays!”

Turns out this is a great sugggestion for a second camera. So I tried to follow with a less than 140 character reply. Considering all of the amazing features, I had to find just one or two that warranted a twitter response. So, Ric, @aqualung, this is what I have to say about the Fuji X-T1:

Read the full review of the Fujifilm XT1. I got what I wanted from Twitter. Which really is amazing.

Being Very Right

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I like proving the vocational assessment I had 3 months ago to be very wrong.

Captain Eco Nomy Yes, one might say a thing is either wrong or right, there’s no place for a combination of the two. To that I’d like to butcher a quote by Stuart, owner of the profitless comic book store on #TheBigBangTheory – “It is a little wrong to say I could Swim in Jello, it’d be very wrong to say I could Ski on Sandpaper.”

Yet back in early July 2013 I was assessed as being unsuited for a helpdesk or any role that included repetitive tasks.

Whilst I’d much prefer to continue to shoot abstract, architectural, landscape & vehicular photography AND have people buy sufficient artwork each week to cover my mortgage, the truth is I need to do a job that utilizes my real world skills.

So winning a 6 month contract on an IT HelpDesk has proven I do have sales, people, communication, tutoring & computer skills which help me to provide a full service to all my clients.

So I am doing a role that I not only exel in, I also enjoy doing. Talking with people at all levels, taking a moment to discuss the impact of the issue at hand on their working day, working through and resolving or escalating the issue, then doing the necessary computer based logging of the job … heck, I am smiling as I write this all done. I am in my element!

That assessment was very wrong. Which leads me to believe my response was based on utopian world, not real world.

Because now I am doing a job where I am most suited, well placed, and everything feels very right.

24 Movies I Really Really Want to See

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Wow. Over the last two days, between fatherhood duties and sleeping, I have watched the complete three hours of the 85th Annual Academy Awards. The glory of YouTube!

The first 30 minutes is Seth McFarlane beingg himself, yet worth it for all that comes after.

Consequently I have developed a LONG list of movies that I really would like to see.

Some might say that uTorrent might be my only answer, but I don’t do that. I suspect I may be spending time either on Youtube or any remaining video outlets in my neighbourhood. But with Blockbusters no longer available, I welcome advice on where else I can hire the following movies.

AGFA Isolette 1 - Lens Mechanism

Anyhow, before we go any further here is my list of movies I really really want to see:

  • A Royal Affair
  • Argo
  • Amour *
  • Asad
  • Beats of the Southern Wild *
  • Buzkashi Boys
  • Chasing Ice
  • Death of a Shadow *
  • Django Unchained *
  • Dreamgirls
  • Five Broken Cameras
  • Flight

Wait, trust me, this is NOT every movie mentioned. Yet, yes, it is almost all of them. Onwards…

  • Kon Tiki
  • Les Miserables
  • Life of Pi
  • Lincoln
  • Paperman
  • Searching for Sugar Man
  • Silver Linings PlayBook
  • Skyfall – both the movie AND the Adele song!
  • The GateKeepers
  • The Impossible *
  • The Invisible War
  • Zero Dark Thirty *

I should really point out that these movies are in no particular order other than alphabetical. They are all as equally amazing as each other. BUT – there are a few that I NEVER thought would interest me. So I have put an asterix next to those alone.

What I enjoyed most is the amount of Australian actors on display. All the usual crowd were there – Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman. Yet it was a slight shock to spot both Jackie Weaver and Naomi Watts now standing alongside the who’s-who in Hollywood.

AGFA Isolette 1 - Open

Despite Seth McFarlane’s butcher of his pre-written lines, he did a fairly good job of hosting the show. Set doesn’t seem to be a natural comedian, nowhere in the league of Richard Dreyfuss or Robin Williams, yet has a go at it. I doubt he will get asked again. Likewise, if there is a sequel to Ted, I see a sea of cotton-stuffing and … wait, they did that in a Katy Perry video clip!

Adele performed her song ‘SkyFall” at around 100 minutes into the show, and what a performance it was! I still consider her my favourite singer/writer/artist since 2011.

One of the most important part of every Oscars is the ‘In Memoriam’ component. There have been a LOT of amazing contributors to the movies over the last hundred years, from writers to cinematographers, sound artists to composers, and so many story writers who capture the imagination and make it a visual masterpiece.

As a photographer myself, I continue to be inspired by the imagination of those who have succeeded in Hollywood. Though it is not my dream to make it that far, it is awesome and amazing to watch those that have succeeded and consequently recognised for their effort.

Three hours later. My mind is filled with possibilities.


The SkyNet Data Centre has been built. Nobody let the machines take control.

Bookmarks of Interest

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Roped Rock God

Despite two real-world events today, I’ve still managed to get onto the online world to visit and read a few world wide web sites of personal interest … and here they are for others to read.

OK, they are really published here so I don’t have to bookmark them on my computer. Since changed hands I have found it to be more useless than a watch with no hands.

What this list really shows how extra-eclectic my reading often is. One of them has music playing in the background – a little old hat for web sites, yet this is cool.

  1. The Business Mistake that Cost Me $1.5 Million – Entrepreneur Jen Bilik learned a lesson the hard way when she trusted the wrong person.
  2. Backed by first round’s dorm room fund, Pagevamp turns Facebook pages into Websites.
  3. Why businesses should act human on Facebook.
  4. Conran imagines a digital camera with a retro spirit .
  5. StartUp Weekend Adelaide . Being a long-term resident and worker in Adelaide, I had to mention this page. I really should get along to one of these events, just to see what it really is all about.
  6. The difference between a Mobile Site and a Full Site by Jakob Nielsen.
  7. The Innovative Brain

Monitor Failure

For anyone who think they can determine a person’s personality by the web sites they visit … good on you.
For anyone thinking this is just an average post, I agree. It’s time I started writing again. Again.