Art on Tapestry

I display a LOT of my photographs and a fair amount of my graphic design on Recently they introduced a new product to display our artwork: Wall Tapestries

So now I am upgrading my graphics to see how good they look on this medium. Gotta admit, not all suit it. But here are a few that do:

Running on Empty Hot Skinny Ribs Be an Individual

Spiralling Sharks Last Thread

Keys to Success Orange Leaf

BBQ Black Pattern I, Australian


I found a site freely advertising one of my PHOTOGRAPHER tshirt designs. Gotta love that!



My Photography in SALA 2016!

I have the grand opportunity to exhibit my photography during SALA 2016 – and they are on display already:

At the Catalyst Foundation offices, 149 Currie Street Adelaide City – in their From Another Perspective Art Exhibition.
All are available to peruse both in their reception and in their rear seminar room.

1 August until 2 September – Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

$195 each = A2 (40×50cm) print and frame.

Additionally, and as originally presented, they are also available here on my Redbubble gallery, on multiple mediums. The easiest way to hang them all is on a Calendar !

Here is each image framed, similar to how they appear on exhibition:

Seminar Room (left to right)

Reception and Elsewhere

I bet you are asking: What is SALA? It’s short for ‘South Australian Living Artists’. Read more about SALA here.




Why I Create Graphic Art

Written for linkage to my graphic art page on my website.

#46 Clothing Combo'
I first started producing really simple graphics early in my internet days, around 1998.

It was quite by accident, yet I have always been the creative type. It turned out to be a good idea because at that time I had a fairly boring day-job, so being able to be creative in the evenings made up for the monotony. [I left that job in 2012, so I can say that now.]

The night 9/11 happened, I downloaded a freebie GIF-maker and made a dozen images that basically said how I was thinking about that whole event. [The images have since dissappeared into the archives].

Shortly after I discovered GIMP [“a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition”], bought a bible-width reference book – and haven’t stopped creating or editing images.

With some amazing scripts (eg: saving all layers individually), I taught myself basic graphic-design – and now produce awesome tshirt designs AND manipulate my photographs similar to photoshop.

Wait, what did I say? Use GIMP instead of Photoshop:
Yep, For about eight years now I have been using GIMP for manipulating my photographs. Yeah, not many people realise that. Whilst everyone was raving about Photoshop, I kept learning GIMP. And I freely admit I still don’t know half of what is capable of doing. But it did teach me how to be creative.

Because producing parts of a graphic often meant asking yourself [Q1] “With the little I know, how can it be done?” For one example, I taught myself how to create (often B-grade) shadows for trees that had been manipulated from another photo and stuck into the current photo. Yeah, (hangs head in shame), I do that. But you wouldn’t spot it, and I am not going to show you where. (Smiles gleefully).

#43 I'm Crazier than Almost Everybody Here
Then in 2012 my tshirt sales started making some series G’s … per annum. Not a lot, but it got me thinking … and I decided [Q2] diversity was the key to success. I now have two Redbubble accounts – stephentrepreneur is photography, ezcreative is tshirts – and I market them like crazy.

Gotta be honest, [Q3] marketing is the key to success in any game, and particulary online. It doesn’t mean whoring your wares: It means seriously spruiking via social media to your full advantage. It works. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, I am there, showing off my skills.

In 2015, sales started ramping up. The monthly balances were not going to make me a millionaire, but my creative side was impressing my corporate side no end.

It is now 2016 and I am trying new ideas. A series of about 30 graphics are in production as we speak; They are based on observation of what sells most in my creative collection. [Q4] Never let your best work stand alone, use the experience to your advantage.

These days I spend a few hours each night drawing my ‘brain-farts’ onto paper, selecting the best, then determining how I can create them with GIMP. It isn’t easy, I don’t deny it, but it is fun.

Someone said I should do tutorials, but I now have two beautiful children who need more Daddy time, so I won’t be spending much more computer time than is neccessary. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever do a tute.

That says enough, I am quite sure, but I plan to post some related articles in the next few weeks.

Oh, you’re probably asking what is with all the [Q]’s in this post? I have discovered that I really can write some seriously awesome quotes. So I have marked them for reference. I may add id-links soon so they can be tweeted. Noice.

Anyhow, nothing else to say other – except: Check out my tshirt collection here and here – and buy a cup, mug, tshirt, doona cover, and/or phone cover. Buy one of each! All purchases help to fund our next big project.

Circular Photographs

I have soooo many photographs on my flickr account that I had to figure out a new way to show them off. So I went with ‘circular’. It helps that my most recent photographs are of Christmas lanterns, light globes and buckets — yes, all very circular objects.

So here goes: Here are 12 photos of things from our home and backyard. They are from the last 7 years of photographs on my flickr account — but only those with a circular appearance.

Power Experiment COOPERS

Six Days Growth Modern Plug

Singapore Silk #6 Test Shot with Home Made Snoot - Apples on White

One Huge Spider Web Apple of StickyNotes

Wood Stack Broken Orange Globe

Red Christmas Ball Green Christmas Ball

Watch out for my next post of a similar style but of a different shaped photographs!

More of Me, Myself, and I

I have dug up a few photographs of myself in better times. Ah, how I miss those times. There is a link within each image that takes you to a bigger version. See you if you can find the splicing faults!

This first one is from when we renovated the backyard. For about 3 months we carefully dug up about one third of the yard. It looked like an archaeological site! I found the complete skeleton (with skull, teeth, and tail intact) of what must have been a pet mouse or rat.

See that tree over the fence? It had roots growing right across our yard, some of them as thick as my leg. We chopped back all the roots as far as the fence, then approached the neighbours about having it removed completely. Thankfully they agreed. We then put a 12 foot STRATCO fence up between them and us.

Whilst all the workings were happening, I often took opportunities to shoot silly photographs of myself in action! This is my favourite…

Me, Myself and I

This next one was created around the same time that cloning was suddenly made popular on Flickr. I had to attempt the technique. I’m not saying this was a great attempt, but it was fun to wear all my Redbubble tshirts during the shoot.

Whilst some might say “But you have no shadow!”, I simply say, “That’s the price you pay for cloning with inferior software.” It was fun to shoot and edit, and it got the cloning-bug out of my system!

My Four Clone Brothers

That’s all. Just wanted to put that out there.

Photograph of the Day: Red Tulip

My favourite photograph to date has now been uploaded to my FineArtAmerica gallery.
I hope you like it as much:

Red Tulip, by Stephen Mitchell, on FineArtAmerica

This single flower is one of a bunch purchased for the elderly matriarch within my wife’s family. This lovely woman is nearing 92 years old. Whilst age is taking her hearing and eyesight, her wit and laugh are still strong.

If you should like this photograph displayed in your home, consider these options:

As is the image above, you can have this as an acrylic print.
The biggest size available measures 48″ x 32″ (122cm x 81.3cm), price at $552.
At its smallest size – 14″ x 9.38″ (35.5 cm x 24cm) – you only pay $96.

Understandably, that is possibly a tad pricey for some lovers of this image.
That’s OK, it is also available upon a card with either a black or white back-side at only $6 each. When you buy 10, they are reduced to $3.20 per card. When you buy 25 cards, they drop to an astonishingly low price of $2.64 per card!

For the record, every artist on FineArtAmerica sets their own mark-up.
I would imagine some artists increase their mark-up up by stupendous amounts in the belief that high price equates to high value.  I like to think that my art is good, but that is only because I like what I find and photograph.  I also like to believe that my mark-up is fair and in line with the quality of the products that FineArtAmerica produces and distributes world-wide. 

So whilst some might balk at the price on this artwork, most do not. 

 Please take the time to peruse my work, choose that which you like, leave a comment,
and if you like it enough – buy it for yourself or a friend.