Fifty Nine Sunglasses (Soon For Sale)

Sunglasses Assortment 05Early this year I took possession of a crate load of sunglasses.

At the time I figured I would clean them and find them all mangled and wrecked. The owner thought they already were.

Over the weekend I finally got the dirty work completed – washing and drying each one individually … and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They may be a few out of vogue, but they are in excellent condition!

I now have FIFTY NINE 1980’s sunglasses, some of which I am calling a ‘colorful series‘, a few ‘post-modern’, and some very ‘funky‘ designs also in the collection.

But what am I going to do with them? Yep, they are going onto my eBay. But not before an amusing video is produced.

Sunglasses Assortment (Monochrome) 02

Sunglasses Assortment (Square) 01

Sunglasses Assortment (Monochrome) 01

Sunglasses Assortment 01

Sunglasses Assortment 03

Sunglasses Assortment 04

See any that appeal to your fashion, or you want to be a trend-setter?
** Ten dollars each. ** Five dollars each, plus five dollars each in P&H.
Contact me via Twitter or Facebook, and make the purchase with PayPal.


I Got a GlideCam for Vlogging!

How many of you may know that I create videos for my own YouTube channel?

I wanted to be a day-vlogger, but parenting and real world activities make that nearly impossible. Sometimes I upload two videos a week, but it’s more like once a month. As of today I am adding each of my vlogs as individual posts to this blog – and back-dating them to make the timeline work.

Here is my most recent video of me doing a ‘mail-opening‘ of my new GlideCam.

I shot the footage two days prior, then spent waaaay too long putting in a lot of sounds and visual effects. This is video 1 of 3, unboxing and building. Video 2 will be balancing, Video 3 will be testing on Kangaroo Island beaches!

Thanks to this video by Matti Haapoja, I discovered GlideCams. I’ve now discovered they are quite difficult to stabilize, but can already see the benefits.


Yes, so it’s a tad messy in places. I see each of my videos as a learning curve in some aspect of vlogging. The plus-side of this one? Each of the ‘subscribe, notify and like’ graphics buttons were created during the post-production, then chose an (in)appropriate sound, then saved them individually, then inserted at correct moments. Now I have each available to simply insert into future videos. High fives all ’round!

4 Easy Steps to Wire a Frame

My SALA 2010 Promo Advert
Framed and Well Hung
My #SALA Stall - Front of House Panorama

It seems like so long ago, yet I vividly remember presenting a whole bunch of my framed photographs for SALA (South Australia Living Artist) festival in 2010 and 2016.

More about this and my photo choices.

To ensure my artwork presented as best as possible, I purchased twenty 400mm x 500mm frames from Adelaide Photographic Wholesalers, plus had Atkins printed 20 of my favorite photographs. All up, about $1600.

But I had one slight problem with the frames: String on the reverse of the frames. As a consequence, it was all visible. See the photos for example.

Because of this I wanted to learn how to wire frames properly – and create a video showing how I learnt.

After much googling and youtubing, I discovered a few techniques. Then I did it myself. The video demonstrates it, mostly. I’ve only wired a few of my frames thus far, so for the next few frames I will re-video and ensure my fingers and hands are not covering the subject.

Now that my frames photographs will soon be displayed in the Kangaroo Island Gallery, I happily wired them – making them both stable and salable!