Big News – Discounts on TShirts!

That’s right, with Christmas just around the corner, Redbubble are offering more and more discounts at this time of the year.

This is awesome for everyone – better deals on your Xmas presents for friends and family.

With my wide variety of kids tshirts – ranging from food to patterns to parenting quotes – both you and your kids will be very happy this year.

Check them all out on my tshirt shop.

Why mention this?

There’s a special deal coming up!
Take 20% off every purchase, across the site, with code SPOOKY20.
This deal is available only on the 17th & 18th October.

Take a look, choose what you like, then enter the code SPOOKY20 when you buy them.

Remember, don’t be a naughty animal, ask your mummy or daddy permission before buying anything online!

Looking forward to seeing photos of my friend’s kids on twitter and facebook wearing their new tshirts! ;)


Art on Tapestry

I display a LOT of my photographs and a fair amount of my graphic design on Recently they introduced a new product to display our artwork: Wall Tapestries

So now I am upgrading my graphics to see how good they look on this medium. Gotta admit, not all suit it. But here are a few that do:

Running on Empty Hot Skinny Ribs Be an Individual

Spiralling Sharks Last Thread

Keys to Success Orange Leaf

BBQ Black Pattern I, Australian


I found a site freely advertising one of my PHOTOGRAPHER tshirt designs. Gotta love that!



My Photography in SALA 2016!

I have the grand opportunity to exhibit my photography during SALA 2016 – and they are on display already:

At the Catalyst Foundation offices, 149 Currie Street Adelaide City – in their From Another Perspective Art Exhibition.
All are available to peruse both in their reception and in their rear seminar room.

1 August until 2 September – Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

$195 each = A2 (40×50cm) print and frame.

Additionally, and as originally presented, they are also available here on my Redbubble gallery, on multiple mediums. The easiest way to hang them all is on a Calendar !

Here is each image framed, similar to how they appear on exhibition:

Seminar Room (left to right)

Reception and Elsewhere

I bet you are asking: What is SALA? It’s short for ‘South Australian Living Artists’. Read more about SALA here.




Twelve Days of Tshirts

I’ve created a lot of new graphics for tshirts over the last few weeks!

Being an ardent photographer, I enjoy telling people how much I love photography. So today (27.Nov.2011) I have made a few tshirts to express my feelings more succinctly.

With the wife and I having a baby middle of next year, I’m having fun with quotes and sayings about the fun of having children.

Consequently, you can wear a different shirt every day of the twelve days of Christmas!


Hope you also like them enough to buy a few. Daddy wants a new wide-angle lens!

PS. Congratulations to all those people who have purchased my shirts over the last fortnight! Betting you are enjoying either wearing them or giving them to friends and family as Christmas gifts!

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Updates to my Upcoming Exhibition

In case you hadn’t heard, read, been told or haven’t accepted the invitation yet, I one of 3,300 people exhibiting photographic artwork during the SALA 2010 festival.

If you are in Adelaide between 30th July and 14th August, come, see, peruse, and maybe purchase my twenty framed photographs of waterscapes around Kangaroo Island.

I’m upstairs at Stall 141 in the the Adelaide Arcade, open between 10am and 6pm (or thereabouts. Some days I am going to visit other SALA exhibitions around Adelaide!)

The opening night is 30th July, between 6.00pm and 9.00pm. I hope to see you all!

What is the updated news?

If you walk past the stall from this Monday (19th July 2010), and look in the window: You’ll see my artwork on the walls. Aha, that’s right, I’ve been given permission to hang the artwork early. There is a reason for this – which will be explained next month!

My SALA 2010 Promo Advert Extra: Those that turn up will find out where I got the idea for the theme: “Lines on the Horizon“.

Big thanks to my sponsors and contributors:

Richard Pascoe, Adelaide's TechGuy

The Islander Estate Vineyards - IEV - Jacques Lurton

I Got a Pack of New Shirts

I had some fun over the last few days. Stuck at home with a semi-busted ankle, I cannot do much more than sit around watching TV or surfing the net. At some point I was bound to spot the PacMan game on Google, and notice that the little yellow guy celebrating 30 years!

Whilst playing a few rounds of the game that Google had put on its search engine, I had some interesting thoughts about all those 8-bit games we played when we were teenagers. Half-Life, WOW and on-line gaming were not available when we were kids!

Having a weird sense of humour, I quickly thought of some interesting variations on the PacMan game. Twenty minutes of drawing, designing, creating my ideas, I now have four shirts on Redbubble for anyone to buy and wear proudly:

Pac Pong . This was the first version I created. Red and yellow is right? Ah well, my monochrome version can’t be far wrong from the original colours.
Pac Pong, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

PacPong Original . White on black makes more sense. I may make a black on white version, it’s only a few minutes work. ;)
Pac Pong Original, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Pac Invaders This was the first shirt I made in this series, and gave birth to all my other ideas and designs.
Pac Invaders, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Pac Asteroids – White on Black . This idea has been going over in my mind for about 24 hours. I won’t say this concept is perfect, and parts of it fell into place at the last possible moment. Originally I had planned to have asteroids like in the original version, but suddenly realised that damaged blobs made more sense.
Pac Asteroids - White on Black, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Pac Asteroids – Black on White . This time I decided inverted-colours was a good idea. With so many great colour choices for shirts on Redbubble, it made sense to let every potential buyer get what they want.
Pac Asteroids - Black on White, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

I plan to buy one of each for myself very soon. Which ones are you going to buy first?

I hope the ATARI people have a good laugh. Heck, I hope they don’t mind what I have done.

Redbubble Art Now Available on PVC Stickers

Redbubble have added a new product range for graphic artists: Stickers.

That’s right, all my chocolate graphics are now available on PVC, a strong and durable product that will outlive the cockroaches at the end of time.

So I’ve just spent an hour going through all my graphics to determine which looked better with a white background. Surprisingly, most look fantastic with only a few that will need tweaking to add more colour and outline.

The images below, all linked to their respective page, display all my graphic designs not only work in this format, they also look bloody brilliant. Well, I say they do. What do you think?

Two stickers

Each foot is an individual sticker

Aha, you agree right? Go on, you know you the drill: Buy one of each! I know which ones I am going to buy next…

ezCREATE Photography, Stephen Mitchell