Vlogging, Not Blogging

I don’t blog anywhere near as much as I did over the last few years. 2019 has been fairly quiet so far. This is mostly because I have a variety of day-jobs:

  • I wash windows more often,
  • I perform gardening activities for two main clients,
  • I create tshirt designs both for myself and a few clients – but more about this in an upcoming blog.
  • plus have had a recent opportunity to produce a video.

Yes, I said that: I am producing videos. It’s almost a dream come true.
Here is my most recent:

I won’t deny that I need a lot more training. I pore over all of Peter Mckinnon’s videography training videos to learn so much. Some of my style is based loosely on Casey Neistat and Dan Mace, but mostly I have stuck with the Youtube basics – an interesting five second start, the content, the voice-over, a good soundtrack, and a twenty second static ending for the advertising.

I plan to shoot more videos later in 2019. I’ve been told that Bryan and Denise are doing another flight with ChintaAir – and want me to edit the next video! Watch this space!


Mmmm… Coffee Tshirts!

1000 T-Shirts: That Make a Statement Recently I purchased an enlightening book: “1000 T-Shirts: That Make a Statement“.

Consequently I have a whole plethora of amusing subjects in stages of design and creation.

Utilizing obscure features of my preferred image-editor (GIMP 2.8), I am having fun creating them all.

Here is one of them:

You’ll find more coffee and chocolate tshirts added daily, plus many of my older and crazy designs will get a 2018-upgrade!