Using Social Media to Create a Blog Post

To create this succinct yet full article, all the text is brought in via Twitter and Youtube. (If you cannot read the tweets, the text is in italic beneath each.)

READS: Vlog 2 of 2017 finally uploaded. #Kingscote #KangarooIsland #KillerSeals Yes, I really need a stabilizing gimble!

READS: I really need a stabilizing gimble for my CanonEOSM. Saving for this: … #ikancorp #wishlist

There you go. Sometimes it is easier to put your thoughts onto public forums such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube – then compile them in order for a blog article.

For those wondering, I enjoy vlogging more than blogging these days. It enables me to improve my face mannerisms, vocal confidence and sentence structure for both my online and my radio work.

Postscript & FYI

The Ikan-MS1-Beholder Stablizing Gimble suits my Canon EOS M.


Using Twitter to Get Camera Recommendations

Rear view of Professional SMC Member

Hard to believe it, I have had a Twitter account since mid 2008.

For a long time it was just something I looked at from time to time, not understanding how anyone could cross-converse in such a hectic and vibrant community. It looked (and sometimes still does) like a bazillion monkeys chattering over the top of each other, all clambering for the highest point to ensure their voice is heard.

Yet it turns out to be the best way to ask questions that a MASSIVE amount of people can respond to and (mostly) give a good response. Here is one great example:

I asked on Twitter earlier this evening…

With only one response, I chose to follow the link.

Considering many of my friends are complete arseholes, that was a big risk. Wait, wait, what I mean is they are Australian’s who like to use any opportunity to make fun of each other, which all of us, including the recipient, laugh till it is someone else’s turn. So when an Australian calls you an arsehole or a bastard, more often he is saying either “Aha, you got me!” or “Damn, you take the best holidays!”

Turns out this is a great sugggestion for a second camera. So I tried to follow with a less than 140 character reply. Considering all of the amazing features, I had to find just one or two that warranted a twitter response. So, Ric, @aqualung, this is what I have to say about the Fuji X-T1:

Read the full review of the Fujifilm XT1. I got what I wanted from Twitter. Which really is amazing.

Advice to Commonwealth Olympians

I said this on Facebook earlier today. Now I realise that a wider audience needs to read it:

Advice to Athletes:

Forget about social media, you have a bigger job to do this week.

Advice to social media addicts who feel the need to judge olympians:

Get off the computer. Go outside. Get some exercise. Grow up. Get a life.


2012, Year of the Baby Photographer

Here is my first post of the 2012, and it’s simply to say:

I am using 2012 to refind my writing-mojo, get back on track and to get creative with my articles. I am determined to read and write a lot more about photographic subjects.

Throughout 2012 my wordpress blog is going to return to the main point of focus, and be filled with stories about my photographic ideas, lens and camera comparisions, plus my thoughts on many related accessories.

Why the sudden importance on this?

There’s going to be a baby in our house in 5 months time (thus the interesting title to this first post), so I want the newest addition to our clan to know that Daddy is more than the blob on the computer!

I have realised that since being introduced to various social networking sites, and you know the ones I mean, I have spent more time glued to my computer reading other people’s lives rather than investigating or doing the stuff that interests me most!

I have also realised how important it is to keep my mind active, my body fit and my creativity flowing: I want to be able to think fast, stay on my toes (both physically and metaphorically), and to be able to tackle any situation that comes before me quickly and efficiently. I’m told kids are hard work, so I want to be ready.

I hope my kid catches my bug for photography, creativity, action and entrepreneurialism early. I’d like them to be selling lemonade on the street corner before the age of 10!

Watch it, there’s more coming your way….!

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