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Is The Camera Destroying Our Memory? | Fstoppers

December 11, 2013 Leave a comment
Apparently excessive photography will decrease my memory. Well, dur, that’s why 64GB memory cards, cheap 1TB external HD’s, & cloud storage were invented.
But seriously … what were we talking about?

Don’t Stop The Future: Blok IT!

November 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Mother of a Board

I have a shed loaded with electronic waste that goes back 20 years.

I have motherboards, sound cards, old cellular phones, cabling, stenographer tape decks and much more. Somewhere in there I have a 3GB box that is twice the size of a standard shoe box - I use it as a paper weight and a reminder of a time that man wants to forget.

What I have noticed recently is that I still have most of the mobile phones I have purchased outright. This includes a few NOKIA bricks (sorry guys, it is true!). The earliest phone I remember owning was a flip-phone that always reminded me of communicators in Star Trek! Beamed straight from the series that continues to influenced the design of Tablets.

So I found PHONEBLOKS via advertising on Youtube. I quickly realised they deserve merit and entrepreneurial advertising!

Their idea is that the screen and features (ie, phone, camera, speakers, antenna, memory) are all separate blocks that connect to a standard base by way of pins and screws at the ends to keep it all secure. Therefore anyone in the world can build a phone to specifically suit their desires and lifestyle.

I reckon I would buy a PHONEBLOK. Imagine if each block embedded came in multiple colours. Sleeves and water-proof cases will still be necessary, bling is all part of the franchising of a product.

I’m keeping an eye on where this concept goes. So should everyone. The world is changing, again!

Now I am wondering what I am going to do with this shed of obsolete electronic gadgetry. Thinking of getting a strong metal muncher to make mince-meat of it all – and then somehow spraying it onto canvas or concrete to make wall art. Now that would be modern art!

Watch the video that describes how it all works and ‘fits’ together:

Copper Highway

Family Event: The Adelaide City to Bay Fun Run 2013

August 9, 2013 Comments off

Our close friends Vicki and Ben Kramer have a lovely little boy who required a heart operation shortly after birth. It touched our hearts when we heard what it took to support their family during those early days of little Zach’s life.

So now we want to give as much as possible to all families who need immediate support during that same time of their child’s life.

Therefore: The Mitchell Family are walking in the City to Bay Fun Run 2013 to help raise funds for HeartKids SA. Follow the link on and thru the image to donate funds to help everyone enjoy life to the fullest.

Dig deep into your soul, open your wallet, give just a little bit and help those that cannot help themselves. The children. Support is in our hands.

Image created by my two hands using GIMP.

Movie Review: World War Z

August 8, 2013 Comments off

Watched ‘World War Z‘ this evening.
Previously I have said “What is the freaking point of movies about Zombies?? It looks awful!

I’ve changed my mind. In fact, I’d say my mind has been blown. If you haven’t seen this movie, my review won’t spoil it; What I say here is more a semi-cryptic review combined with my own thoughts:

  • The walking dead are those people attempting to live in the here and now, yet not seeing the reality of their situation and lives.
  • The zombies are those people who have enabled their illness to define their existence in the cosmos, then let that illness make them bitter and angry about the rest of us – so they attempt to drag us into the same abyss.
  • The self-replicating disease is what could happen if humans continue to fail to understand their place in nature’s chain on this small planet.

So now I believe that we go see this eye-opening movie. There are many gory and chair-jump-popcorn-flying moments, yet it is worth it for the end result. Let us hope we never have to kill the mother of all parasites on this planet to protect the few that survive.

PS. Other Movies I have reviewed:

Just as soon as my heart-beat returns to normal, I am going to try to sleep.
Because after all is said and done, WWZ is one very scary movie.


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