In 1996 I purchased Tom Hopkin’s book “The Official Guide to Success“. This list includes all the daily-affirmations in the book, of which many are now integrated into my way-of-life.

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I am an idea person. I know exactly what I want, so I keep my subconscious mind loaded with material that allows it to generate them.

I find new ideas to bring to the problem, different directions to work from, and other people to work through and give fresh inspiration to attack it with.

I am driving hard for achievement and accomplishment, not just for money.

I avoid negative people. I do not listen to negative input from the media.

I know that laughter ranks next to sleep and food as a restorative, so I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to laugh a little.

I always have clearly defined goals.

ezCREATE.Productions by Stephen Mitchell I work hard, so I have earned the right to laugh at the world and myself.

My activities are very important to me. So important that I would not think of injuring my ability to move them forward by shutting off the healing power of humor.

When I make commitments to others and myself – I keep them.

Work smart – and as hard as you can without sacrificing alertness.

Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals.

I am an effective, hard-driving, and highly successful person who responds well to positive self-instruction.

I am proud of my willingness to do what I must be done, to step out of the comfort zone, I am proud to be someone who wants to change, break, shake, and do.

I never get so busy with today’s business that I forget about tomorrow. I am a planner, and look ahead.

LSBeez Sticker I look on every problem as an opportunity to use my talent and initiative.

I move very fast when fast action is called for. But I am also capable of calmly doing nothing when that is my best move.

I always sleep efficiently and soundly, getting the sleep I need. When I wake up I start making good things happen by using every minute of the day productively. [Now that I am a parent, that’s not always possible, but I am working on it constantly! ]

I have complete faith in myself that I will achieve all my goals. Because they are so exciting they are never out of my mind for long!

I always take a moment to sniff the roses, to glory in a sunset, and to see the funny side of life.

No one can teach you that which they have not done themselves.

Just Wear the Tshirts Today I will meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all.

I take full responsibility for my actions, and for my life. My well being is in the best hands it could possibly be in: my own.

I am a winner, a contributor, an achiever, an artist and an author: I believe in me.

I always do the thing I least want to do first, so it does not hang over me and spoil my whole day.

I love action. I love doing things. I love achieving.

Things I cannot control never pull my attitude down because I am always thinking about the great things I am doing today and tomorrow.

When someone tries to dump negative thinking on me, I refuse to accept it. I never carelessly spend my time with negative people.

I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment. I use all my resources correctly.

I emphasize the positive in everything I do. I look at the good that can come out of every situation; I talk about the best qualities of every person I meet; I concentrate on the good aspects of every place or thing.

I psyche my mind up for the important activities: I warm my body up for the challenges; I steer clear of overdosing and under-exercising.

I feel good about myself because I always do the best thing possible with my opportunity time.

Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful.

In both thought and speech, I choose positive words to describe everything I am in favor of – to build my resistance to pessimism.

I use time planning to enhance the quality of my personal life. I am always on the lookout for better ways to invest my time!

I prize my exercise time because it lets me relax and get rid of the day’s tension.

I say positive because success is positive, and that’s the side I want to be on!

I respect and listen to the opinion of better people than myself, but I have faith in my own opinions to make up my own mind.

I respect myself because I am effective and because I persevere against rejections and obstacles that stop lesser people.

I have a high degree of personal integrity that leads me to put out the extra effort.

Just Wear the Tshirts My life plan is never finished because I am always finding new ways to make my life better and new things to learn and enjoy.