Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

Yes, the baby is still sitting pretty inside my wife’s tummy!

Since we chose not to know if our soon-to-be-born baby is going to male or female, here are photographs in the two colours that society deems to be most associated with both genders.

Yeah, just an excuse to post an array of random photographs from my Redbubble gallery.

First we’ll go with the pink photographs. Because, deep down, I’d like to have a little girl in the house.

Pink Rapture, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com Pink Swirl, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com Mistique, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com

And to be fair to all those that believe we are about to have a little boy, here are some blue photographs you’ll surely enjoy.

Lighthouse at Cape Du Couedic, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com Ferris Carriages, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com The Elixir of Life, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble.com

Funny thing is, I am filling our child’s nursery with organic colours, particularly yellow, orange, cream, green, brown and seemingly-neutral colours. Maybe I will post photographs from that colour range tomorrow night!


Water-Drop vs Baby Photography

Whilst I wish I could find time to lift my camera to my eye, I am using my eyes to either sleep before the baby arrives OR to read about interesting photo techniques that I would really like to try one day.

Camera Strap Idea - S6 Tonight I stumbled upon Shayne Gray through Tumblr.com. Shayne has very easy-to-read tutorials explaining how easy Water Drop Photography can be for any level of photographer. This fun and interestting photo style I have read about before, but Shayne shows how easy it is to setup and do in the safety of your own kitchen.

Once you have read that, go check out how you can shoot a splashing strawberry at high speed! Shayne recommended this site that holds additional tutorials in highspeed photography which are great information!

That’s it for now. I expect I won’t get a chance to try any of these water-experiments until late July 2012 at the absolute earliest. Most likely between tomorrow (the due date of my first child) and then, I will be photographing bubbsie-wubbse getting fed, bathed and dressed in cute outfits as she/he grows out of them. Sorry, the wife has barred me from publishing those photos online. But if you are a current friend of mine on Facebook, you have a very good chance of seeing a few photographs. Stay connected and watch out for them.

Using String in Photography

Some of you would have seen the following photographs within my last article ‘Online Therapy: How Blogging can be Beneficial‘ ; Others would have seen them upon my ‘Facebook Fan Page‘ ; and others would have seen through upon my ‘Flickr Gallery‘.

Either way, here they are again, including the descriptions that I published upon Flickr. Just figured a few more people might be curious to know what my thought process was for creating these two very unique and eclectic photographs!

Tied Ham Whilst doing a series of self portraits, I was checking out things in my office I could use as props. When I stumbled upon a ball of string, my head did somersaults on the possibilities.

When my mind was reminded of the string on a ham, I realised what I had to do:

Being the ham I sometimes am, I tied myself up.

I was going to tie it all around me, but it was starting to get painful at this point, and I was getting dizzy (as I was turning around to wind the string around me).

As I had lost all sense of direction, and my eyes were tied shut, I had to slowly turn to pick up the remote trigger!

When I finally did find it, I fired it once, turned toward the light and took two more shots before I unwound the string.

Self portraits can be quite painful!

Cable Tied
Yeah, my weird mind in action. Upon finding an power cable, I decided to replicate the string idea but on a grander scale.

This time I used one hand to wind it around myself, entrapping one hand with the remote-trigger. Starting at the ankles and heading up, I quickly found myself quite entangled. The professional in me wound it all around my neck, around my head, covering my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised when the male-end of the plug draped over my shoulder. Added the authenticity that it was truly a power-cable!.

Converting to a triptych was an afterthought in post-production. Gotta laugh at my ideas!

There you have it. More are on the way, though the next lot are not nearly so fantastic, yet still me. Because I’m into self-portraits at the moment. (Why? Because models are so difficult to find, particularly those that are willing to be subjected like this!)

Better Beach Photography

Beach House A friend on Facebook has a whole series of beach shots, and in one of them she asked how to add more light to a scene. She had photographed the female model facing away from the sun, with the shallow water in the background where small waves were rolling in.

She was so close to getting the photos to look so good, but clearly had one element missing: An external flash.

In a heart-beat, I had determined what I would do, plus had a few other ideas in mind. But because most of my skill has been learnt from trial and error, not from any online nor institutional training, I couldn’t explain easily.

Instead, I went googling for articles that would give a better overall explanation of how to add more light to a beach photograph. The following articles and videos are some of the best I could find at short notice. I do hope they explain it for you.

The biggest tip/trick these video’s teach is how to use umbrella’s, diffusers and your external flash to your advantage. Mostly they say don’t aim the flash at the model – aim at the umbrella or diffuser. The sun becomes your secondary or ambient-light. The sun gives you the golden-colour, whereas your external flash pumps up the brightness. Here is another one…

Bottle of Wine with Your Framed Artwork

Islander Estate Vineyards (“IEV”), on Kangaroo Island, donated the wine for my #SALA gallery launch. Therefore we now have four bottles of their beautiful wines, 2 x red, 2 x white, available.

So here is the deal:

The next four buyers of a framed artwork from my #SALA store will each receive a bottle of choice with their purchase. You had better get here quick to get your favourite blend!

  1. IEV 2008 Shiraz
  2. IEV Sangiovese
  3. IEV Chardonnay [1]
  4. IEV Chardonnay [2]

Four Bottles of IEV Wine

Offer applies between August 8th – 22nd. Visit the stall ASAP. Only four bottles available.

WHERE: Shop 141, Adelaide Arcade (upstairs).
WHEN: Between July 31st and August 14th, 2010.

Redbubble Art Now Available on PVC Stickers

Redbubble have added a new product range for graphic artists: Stickers.

That’s right, all my chocolate graphics are now available on PVC, a strong and durable product that will outlive the cockroaches at the end of time.

So I’ve just spent an hour going through all my graphics to determine which looked better with a white background. Surprisingly, most look fantastic with only a few that will need tweaking to add more colour and outline.

The images below, all linked to their respective page, display all my graphic designs not only work in this format, they also look bloody brilliant. Well, I say they do. What do you think?

Two stickers

Each foot is an individual sticker

Aha, you agree right? Go on, you know you the drill: Buy one of each! I know which ones I am going to buy next…

ezCREATE Photography, Stephen Mitchell