Ensure your House Smoke Detectors Meet Current Regulations (AUS)

Power Up! I researched this information after our rental-home smoke-detector beeping beeped at 2.30am yesterday morning. At the time I also asked on Facebook (in a KI Q&A group) what should be done in the short term: All my good friends on Kangaroo Island suggested the 9Volt battery needed replacing. Yes, there is one inside the device.

Here’s where the issue lies:

  1. We believe the noise was the actual smoke detector noise, not the battery-dying noise.
    That was worrying, which is why I went straight to FB to ask in the forums. I imagined someone else might have experienced this and knew exactly what to do. Many great responses were provided, and I learnt a lot. There’s no saying if we were wrong or right in our decision, but I feel we did the right thing.
  2. We only moved into the house 3 weeks ago. Which got me thinking.
    Should it be responsibility of the tenant leaving OR the new tenant to replace the battery? Maybe the previous tenant should be required to indicate on the ‘final paperwork’ when they replaced the smoke-detector battery?

Short Back and Sides Mid afternoon, after all electrical problems in our house were fixed, I found these three websites – and was amazed by the information so much that I felt it prudent that all SA home owners, landlords, and renters should read and know. As I suspected we all have obligations and rights, all of which are designed to save lives:

1. CFS \ Fire Safety \ Smoke Alarms

Home owners are required, by Regulation 76B under the Development Act, 1993, to install battery powered or hard-wired (240 volt mains powered) smoke alarms.

  • Houses built since 1 January 1995 must be equipped with hard-wired smoke alarms.
  • All other houses must be equipped with at least 9 volt battery powered smoke alarms.
    [MY TWO CENTS] If you like to keep the house, or getting the rent on it, put in the hard-wired option! [/END]
  • When a house with 9 volt battery powered smoke alarms is sold the new owner has six months to install alarms which are hard-wired to the 240 volt power supply or powered by 10 year life, non-replaceable, non-removable batteries.

Heat Generator Penalties apply for non-compliance.

2. Our State Government provide a simplistic website layout for anyone, either on a computer or smartphone, to obtain the regulatory information easily and quickly provide/explain to your landlord to prove your case.

3. The Real Estate Institute of South Australia also provide quick explanations and simple tips and traps to ensure the correct information is available.

Our issue (and a few others) was resolved within 12 hours. I hope your household wiring, smoke detectors, house alarm, and any other electrical items are repaired or replaced in a timely manner to ensure your house/contents/family are not at risk!






Oakbank Race Course

Whilst going through all my Flickr photographs for a handful to add to a new album, I found these few photographs shot during my younger brother’s 40th birthday. Figured they needed a little air-time. All shot on a Canon 400D.

210-degree Pano of Oakbank RaceCourse
Stitched Panorama of about 7 photographs
210degree Pano of Oakbank RaceCourse

Waiting to be Served
I swear, it felt like ghosts were in the room whilst I photographed these scenes.
Waiting to be Served

Racing Carpet
Inside the Oakbank Racecourse
Racing Carpet

Old aerial view of oakbank
Found in a back room, inside the Oakbank Racecourse
old aerial view of oakbank

Oakbank Race Course – Horse Head
Walking around the grandstands looking for a good shot, I found these horseheads. Great detail!
Oakbank Race Course - Horse Head

Oakbank Race Course – Stadium
Oakbank Race Course - Stadium

Oakbank Race Course – Shillabeer Stand
Oakbank Race Course - Shillabeer Stand

Then the party started – and I became the barman for a few hours.

Camping Gear I Want to Buy!

Plastic Bottle Becomes a Spoon

My interests have changed overnight. I still enjoy my photography and digital art (that I sell on tshirts), but now I also enjoy outdoor camping. It’s a great method of keeping myself grounded and a simple way to remember that there is more to the world than the city life.

After spending 2 days outdoors without my mobile phone, computer, electricity, running water, a flushing toilet, nor even free wifi — I found myself revelling in the time away from it all. Well, except the flushing toilet. Drop toilets and lime remind me too much of a teenage years living on the side of a hill where the emptying of said can was rostered. Ewww. Not fun.

Upon returning to the nearest wifi-available, I spent nearly a whole night going through a bunch of Australian and a few American camping websites to find all the gear I would need for next Easter. Wow. Extensive.

Then I realised I would need to bookmark these easily for family and friends. (I do have a birthday coming up, hint hint!) Bookmarking on my browser is restrictive. Since Delicious.com and many other online bookmarking services have gone to pasture, I settled for publishing them on a separate page on my blog.

As a teaser, and to give this article a little bit of content – here are the sites through which I found most of these maybe necessary purchases. I am guessing my wife will decide. Ultimately we really want a decent yet simple tent that will fit up to 4 people. Or 3 people and all the cra… stuff we seemingly need.

Reminiscing (1996)

I almost remember it like it was yesterday, yet suddenly feel so old. The wife and I had been dating about 6 months. We had spent one evening looking after the young three daughters of my wife’s Aunt, plus about nine of their friends, taking them all for dinner to local McDonalds. It was the last time I ever ate at McDonalds!!

Skywalking Permitted Here As a reward for our endurance and suffering (and I am not talking about the food!), we were given tickets to the Michael Jackson concert in Adelaide .

Despite being right at the back of a very full Adelaide Oval with 30,000 other people, we actually enjoyed the whole performance, what little we were able to see. The only way we could see Michael Jackson was by standing on our plastic chairs and watching him on the biggest freaking TV screens. Well, they were darn big at that time.

I like Michael Jackson’s music, but I have to say the best thing about that night was being about to take 5 steps backwards to leave the oval at the end of the concert.

So tonight, whilst checking out more recent clips of Michael’s amazing music on YouTube, I had to try to find out if anyone had taken the opportunity to video any of the Adelaide concert … but the best I could find was Sydney. Not quite the same, yet pretty awesome in itself. Here a few clips worth viewing:

History Live In Australia (1996)

Rare footage from the HIStory tour. Two songs only: “I Want You Back” and “I’ll Be There“, Live In Australia 1996 Rare footage from HIStory tour.

Singing “Beat It” and “Black or White“, Sydney, 1996

And this last one was thirty years ago, 1983

That’s my evening in a nutshell – watching Michael Jackson concerts on YouTube, wearing headphones . Now that I am the father of a lovely one-year-old boy, my spare time is spent remembering what it was like before he took over my house. Sigh. Those years will never return. Well, that’s OK, being a Dad is fun and I expect that it will continue that way. Hope you had an awesome Saturday night, this was mine!

PS. The Adelaide Oval is about to undergo a massive transformation .

Supporting Services for my Son’s Surgery

By way of thanking all the services involved in the recovery of my son over the last five days, you’ll read what has transpired:

Massive appreciation for the following services over the last 5 days:


  • The Kingscote Hospital and nurses who were open, available and willing to help at 5AM last Thursday after Jai vomited all over himself several times the day before and throughout that night.
  • The Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic at Kingscote.
  • The CAFHS office at Kingscote for listening to Sarah’s gut-instinct that questioned the judgment of others.
  • The two lovely volunteer Ambulance drivers who drove Sarah and Jai from the Kingscote Hospital to the Airport, out onto the tarmac, loaded them safely onto the plane – then gave me a Trauma-Bear (to give to Jai), and drove me back to the hospital!
  • The Royal Flying Doctors who flew Sarah and Jai from Kangaroo Island back to Adelaide last Thursday night at 8PM.
    I had the opportunity to speak to the pilot, so I said: “OK, Adelaide is that way, don’t stop for hitchhikers and stay away from the water!”
  • The Women’s and Children’s Hospital with their amazing nurses, doctors, ultrasound-specialists, anesthetists and surgeons. Their combined efforts determined that Jai had Pyloric stenosis, therefore required Pyloromyotomy Surgery  

PLUS MORE APPRECIATION to the visiting services to the WCH:


  • The MFS who visited to give stuffed-toys, MFS plastic firemen hats, & chocolate to all the kids in the ward! They were also supporting the ‘Shake the Boot’ campaign,
  • and those happy, crazy, multi-coloured and funny doctors who gave smiling-cardboard-faces to all the kids.

I must also say: “HOPE YOU ALL GET BETTER SOON!” to 2yo Heidi & 14yo Saskia & 9yo Summer in our Bay in Newland House. Each of those little kids was so strong, brave, happy and inspirational to each other.

The Adelaide Children's Hospital (built 1878),...

The Adelaide Children’s Hospital (built 1878), original wing of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire to the Rain

We were in Balhannah a few nights back at a family property. Whilst 4WDing around the property to see new-born lambs, I asked to get out of the car so I could capture this amazing view on the horizon.

Set Fire to the Rain

Whilst I had no tripod to properly setup the shot, I am still glad I managed to capture the colours in the colours.

Photographs at the Adelaide Clipsal500 2012

Have you seen my photographs from day 1 and 3 of the 2012 Adelaide Clipsal500? I didn’t shoot as many as I have done in previous years.

I feel they didn’t have enough for the average punter who wanted to eat and go on show-rides, or check out the various car-brand marquees. There was about 3 big show-rides and throughout the entire open area I traversed three foot-bridges (that I recall) that led me between the many coffee, meat and cold drink stalls.

Whilst those that bought grandstand and corporate tickets might have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the thousands of spectators I saw standing at 3metre high fences were lucky to catch glimpses of car-races. There was more spoken-noise coming from the few mega-speakers strapped to the fence than there was car-noise coming from the track. I recall standing in the shade of ugly seating listening to commentators, for over 30minutes, discuss the activity in their compere-box rather than the action on the track. I eventually walked away asking myself what I had paid for!

I tried to stay for the evening concerts, but at the times I left the encaged parks both the weather and the atmosphere had gone stale. I was going to stay for the INXS concert on Saturday night, but at the first hint of rain I decided to get my camera-equipment out of danger. Pity, because I heard the rain stopped.

Yet I didn’t leave empty handed. Check out a few of the many photographs I shot throughout the day. Where I couldn’t find sufficient breaks in the mesh-fencing, I manually focused on the tarmac beyond and swept my camera as the cars flew by. Thankfully, said with tongue in cheek, I captured the cars a few times. Hope you enjoy, check them out below:

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_009

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_008

Empty Show Ride

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_028

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_003

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_010

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_019

Doing the Superman!

Again, check out my full collection of Clipsal photographs within my Flickr Gallery. You can also view a few that I liked so much that I have added them to my Redbubble photo collection.