GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS! (10 Years on Youtube)

Of all the YouTube channels I subscribe to, there is only one that I return to over and over again – Casey Neistat.

A recent vlog is now watched repeatedly. This one is a gentle yet constant reminder what I want to achieve on my own channel. I have watched it 5 times. It blows my mind. Which is it? Wait, it will be the last video I show in this list.

I have had a Youtube channel since 2007 – again, another 10 years with one channel – yet it’s not the longest! I digress. Back on track…


For the longest time I did almost nothing on YouTube. I remember saying to someone in 2008“It’s just a fad, it won’t last.” Oh dear, how wrong was I! Mostly I liked and categorized videos, probably like a lot of people did. I had a U2 collection, plus some series of cartoons that intrigued me. But YouTube kept changing the privacy on stuff, and then deleted channels that somehow violated their terms – yet nobody could see why.

In early 2012, whilst working on a Government ITC Help Desk, I worked with a young guy who said “Instead of playing PS/Xbox/Wii games, I just watch their YouTube channels – it’s cheaper!” Within a month I was hooked on a few youtube gamer channels whose style was consistent, crazy-funny, and catching worldwide attention. You may know who I mean.

Late 2015, thanks to a friend on Facebook, I was advised to check out Casey Neistat Apple batteries vlog . Then he started vlogging daily. Vlogging became a word.

Early 2016 I revamped my YouTube channel, removing all the Liked videos and vlogs, and uploaded a dozen videos shot by my wife – using them to show off her honey business on Kangaroo Island, planning to use them on our GoFundMe page. The funding didn’t pan out as imagined, so that also needs a revamp! Yet I still love the bee vlogs I created…

Then I started vlogging our weekly visits to Cleland Wildlife Park … so all our Australian-Zoo visits also got uploaded!

In mid 2016, after a very long hiatus being the Dead Reds Wine Group photographer, I decided to vlog the night’s drinking – and everyone who went appreciated it. Actually, vlogging made it all the more fun – people spoke to their camera!

I found finances to buy a very decent movie editor program: Movavi. Windows Movie Maker was insufficient! Movavi has been great for creating eclectic music to go over wind-filled footage, converting and compressing, then uploading to YouTube without any problems.

Then in July 2016, I twisted my right knee so much that my vlogging took a backseat until I recovered sufficiently to get around without pain. I still shot a lot, but I was getting so tired from the exercise needed that tonnes of footage sits incomplete.

In early 2017 we moved to Kangaroo Island. Within a month I uploaded a short vlog that received 200 views in a few days – which blew my mind and reminded me of my journey. I was back on track!

Then Casey added his “DO WHAT YOU CAN’T” vlog. Wow. It was like a smack in the face for me.

It brings me back to his channel once a week to remind myself of what I am aiming to achieve.
Yet I say it is probably not the best mantra.

I prefer to say “GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS”.

It’s true, a lot of people set limits on their goals, consequently limiting their potential. Ashamed to say I have done the same, and possibly still do on some issues.

Some people have budgetary constraints, some have fear of success or failure limits, and many put limits on themselves because they don’t believe in their ability – even though they have never had a go!

Whenever I think I have limits, I imagine living in a 3rd-world country where there is no money, life is all hand-outs from foreign aid, and living is day-to-day. You and I have a far better life than that: We have a roof over our head, a bed each night, and we know where your next meal is coming from – and it’s three times a day!

So what is your limit? Probably next to nothing by comparison!
I am not going to lie: When I had money, I bought things that I knew I would utilise and would last a long time. Good camera gear, particularly the accessories. What I didn’t forsee is how I would use them.

The planets have recently realigned for me.
Expect more vlogs over the next few months.
What will they be about now? Well, I have to thank my Radio show for revitalizing my self-confidence, particularly my speaking and writing skills. So I have a few ideas in mind. Now to create them with almost no budget!

Let’s see what I do next (week)….


Don’t Stop The Future: Blok IT!

Mother of a Board

I have a shed loaded with electronic waste that goes back 20 years.

I have motherboards, sound cards, old cellular phones, cabling, stenographer tape decks and much more. Somewhere in there I have a 3GB box that is twice the size of a standard shoe box – I use it as a paper weight and a reminder of a time that man wants to forget.

What I have noticed recently is that I still have most of the mobile phones I have purchased outright. This includes a few NOKIA bricks (sorry guys, it is true!). The earliest phone I remember owning was a flip-phone that always reminded me of communicators in Star Trek! Beamed straight from the series that continues to influenced the design of Tablets.

So I found PHONEBLOKS via advertising on Youtube. I quickly realised they deserve merit and entrepreneurial advertising!

Their idea is that the screen and features (ie, phone, camera, speakers, antenna, memory) are all separate blocks that connect to a standard base by way of pins and screws at the ends to keep it all secure. Therefore anyone in the world can build a phone to specifically suit their desires and lifestyle.

I reckon I would buy a PHONEBLOK. Imagine if each block embedded came in multiple colours. Sleeves and water-proof cases will still be necessary, bling is all part of the franchising of a product.

I’m keeping an eye on where this concept goes. So should everyone. The world is changing, again!

Now I am wondering what I am going to do with this shed of obsolete electronic gadgetry. Thinking of getting a strong metal muncher to make mince-meat of it all – and then somehow spraying it onto canvas or concrete to make wall art. Now that would be modern art!

Watch the video that describes how it all works and ‘fits’ together:

Copper Highway

Using Pain to Focus on What Matters

Thanks to a comment one night on my Facebook status, I spent the previous night dreaming through what my life would be like without a job. It wasn’t pretty, I did NOT like it.

Whilst my brain might be a bit addled these days with ‘Severe Vertigo‘, I still have the power to think, reason, create and succeed. I also have the fortitude to do things that others would see as unclimbable.

Chains of Success

A Little Bit of History

In 1992, thanks to the actions of one person, my life changed completely. After my emotions spiralled downwards temporarily (for about 2 years), I found the inner strength to lift myself out of the chasm.

For about 3.5 years after those two, I spent every day wearing a $100 suit and carrying a near-empty brief case to my local employment-office – to look the part of the person I wanted to become. It paid off.

In mid 1996 I acquired a 6-week temp’ job in a government department. It was the ‘in’ I needed to start my way up the job-chain.

In 2012, after 14 years of shovelling, I found myself in a role that not only enables me to utilise every skill I have acquired, enhanced and learnt over the preceding 20 years: I continually find it is actually fun and suits me.

Pylon Nuts

Back to the Future

So I focused my dreams last night onto what I would do to [1] fix my situation and head, plus what I would to [2] help a person whom I revere and respect immensely. Some days you need to focus on what matters, and not upon the things that hurting.

So I have TWO big projects to create and do over the next 11 months.
[1] Organise and participate in a 3+ person photo gallery. This will include the person I want to support, plus a few others whom I anticipate will want to be involved.
[2] Organise and participate in a 40+ person photo exhibition. Aha, you read right, forty people. There is a lot of work ahead of me for this project, yet it will be worth the effort.

Whilst you might think that this is a lot for any one person to do, I know I can do this. Plus hold down a 9-5 government job, PLUS do all the normal things I do.

Fortitude, strength, belief in self. Characteristics I have, despite what a few people believe or have seen of me.

So I am not quitting. I’m certainly not giving up. This is where I begin again. Thank you to those who didn’t believe me – you continue to strengthen me and give me the determination to achieve any goal I set of myself.

Those projects are not going to get themselves done. And my baby boy is not going to survive without my help.  It’s time to get off the couch, get on with life and do all I can to make myself better. I ain’t letting this one moment in my life tie me down or hold me back. This too will pass.

What are you doing today?

#44 Cable Tied

4 Ways to Keep your Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

It’s a busy day today. What I really wanted to do today was help my wife’s business to reach an online market. I also really need to sand off three layers of ghastly paint off the outdoor setting. I am also waiting for the child inside my wife to make that final decision to enter this world!

But what I really wanted to was find inspiration for my wife and I to keep our business spirit focused. Some might find this odd – yet because we both run small businesses, and as our lives are getting more frantic – particularly with a baby on the way – I find it important for both of us to stay inspired.

Cooking with my Pregnant Wife

Yet I do all the reading, learning, applying and doing. That’s OK:  The baby is her most important focus right now. I get that. I’m looking forward to reading and cuddling!

So I turn to the internet where a plethora of people and their sites provide enough to keep me going!

So my late morning was spent reading and gathering information. I wanted to ensure the article followed a theme, so was impressed to find a group of articles that each provided four main ways for both online and real-world entrepreneurs to stay active and focused, and that every online entrepreneur should be applying to their business (and) life.

Read on to discover what I have learned today:

Four Important Lessons for every Entrepreneur

1. Do one thing extraordinarily well, and don’t apologize for it.
2. Aesthetics matter.
3. Ride the wave.
4. Leverage the unexpected.

Visit the workingsolo.com to read the details of each lesson.

Five Questions Social Entrepreneurs Need to ask of Themselves

1. Are you willing to bootstrap?
2. Can you look down the road?
3. Is failure an option?
4. Do you know your limitations?

5. Can you build a team? This last only applies to those who are not flying solo!

Visit the forbes.com to explore each question.

Telescopic View

Lessons learned from Quotes by Albert Einstein

1. “Try not to become a man of success, but try rather to be a man of value.”
2. “Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
3. “It would be better if you begin to teach others only after you yourself have learned something.
4. “I am content in my later years. I have kept my good humor and take neither myself nor the next person seriously.”

You gotta admit, those four quotes are enough to remind yourself that it is not the making of money that makes you a success, it is the creation of yourself and your business that breeds success.

Visit thenextweb.com to expand on each lesson.

Four Critical Traits of every Entrepreneur

These are so true! Without these, you are only being a business person. An entrepreneur is willing to help others around them, and possibly at their own expense without any financial gain.

1. Look for ways to make a difference.
2. Follow that overwhelming desire to take action.
3. Exert your influence as much as possible.
4. Help other would-be entrepreneurs.

Read the whole article by Glen Blickenstaff at inc.com to understand why these traits are important.

That is all for day – and it should be enough to hold you over until next week! To close off, watch this video to stay inspired.

Being an Online Entrepreneur

Wow, over the last eleven years of writing articles – I haven’t written many articles about entrepreneur’s ! So in a twisted away, I am answering the question of …

Why not?

Well, I was being an entrepreneur, and online most of the time.

What did I imagine ‘being an entrepreneur’ meant? 

For me, entrepreneurial-ism meant finding ways to contribute to situations, offering my self-learnt skills, and giving my time and effort to situations that met with my ethics. This included being most altruistic by giving-away my various skills to the extra-curricular activities I was doing in my local community, and helping those less better-off than myself.

Control Board of 500meg HD

Entrepreneurs are people who connect willingly, find ways to communicate with both like-minded and non-like-minded people in such a way that they want to share information. Whether it be to complete a project that benefits all, or to resolve a complex issue, or to combine skills appropriately to help a third party. Each of these situations are either financially successful, or volunteered for the benefit of society.

I must also point out that entrepreneurs are able to lead by example:

They get their hands dirty, the minds are active, the contributions can be few but they are great. They brain-storm at all levels, the aren’t afraid to be proven wrong. Entrepreneurs don’t believe they are perfect, far from it in fact! They concede that any answer might have some merit, though not every contribution may make it into the final product or outcome.
That’s where entrepreneurs are winners: When they cannot find the answer, they find another way. They don’t settle for one answer, they give each offering it’s due. But they also know when to hold ’em,  fold ’em, and when to get out and run.
But entrepreneurs don’t run: We validate our losses as opportunities to learn from and try again.

How did I become an ‘online entrepreneur’?

When I was started adding my photography to the internet about last six years, I’ve also found myself reading many thousands of amazing blogs, but found my focus was primarly upon those that encourged and supported entrepreneurialism. What I found most interesting that it is the backbone of much of the internet.

When Tim Berners Lee first began establishing the way the internet would appear for all of us, he was doing so because he believed in the future, saw where the world was going and believed whole-heartedly that what he could contribute would make a visual, verbal and volatile difference to the online world we all were living in. He was the first entrepreneur. He found, devised and implemented amazing ways for all us to connect and talk easily from many geographically-diverse locations around the planet.

Birthday Books

Over the many years I have seen sites come and go. But it has been great to follow and read many that incite, develope and encourage entrepreneuriaism.

Here are just a few, some of which I still visit (though not as often as I should) to read about how social-entrepreneurialism is developing and making a difference:

  • BRWI have been reading the BRW paper-magazine since the late 1980’s.
    I’ve always seen it as the best magazine for inspiration. Particularly their lists of those people who make it into the top 100 each year! Now I periodically attempt to read it online.
  • Flying SoloI joined this site about three years ago.
    In the beginning I got involved with conversations, adding my quirky sense of writing where possible, but slowly moved toward reading and listening to the much more impressive skills of others. Heck, I readily admitted that I needed more help myself, so found myself reading and ‘liking’ many articles. These days I get and read their email-subscription. On occasion I have printed them for pinning anonymously on pin-boards at particular city-based locations wherein I have worked or visited. ;)

I read a few other sites, but these two get most of my attention! It was from these sites that I determined that I had become an online entrepreneur. Though not every day of the week.

My photography is always my main focus, but in conjunction with social, marketing, promotion and sales skills, I found I had become an ‘online entrepreneur’, and I continue being one.

Many men better than me have already published lists of characters befitting the entrepreneurial mindset. Here’s just a few of their many characteristics, each with links to the article at which they were found.

Again, this is just a small sample of the many traits of an entrepreneur. I have no doubt that those that read this will know more and suggest them in the comments!

Hope that helps you to understand a little better how my mind works. I am rarely in-active, my mind is always pondering new ways to make a dollar for myself or for donating/giving to someone else. All in between going to the day-job. Gotta have something to keep you humble, grounded and intune with reality: Being an entrepreneur is never easy.

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