Because I Needed One Post in 2013 About Christmas

I have been blogging with WordPress since 2006. That’s 7 years now! Whilst some might wait until the tenth year to do what is about to follow, I don’t follow standards nor rules, I generally blog about the last thing on my mind … which might explain why 2013 has so far seen less than 40 posts.

Impersonators of Santa Claus

Sooo … I figured you need to reread (or in some cases read for the first time) all the blog posts I have posted on or about Christmas over the last seven years. Those with an asterix (*) are actually self-serving gift requests. Hey, since [SPOILER ALERT] Santa doesn’t actually exist, I gotta yell into the binary void hoping anyone, someone, buy me presents.


Ten Things NOT to say at the Xmas Lunch – 14th Dec 2006
Receiving Christmas Gifts Gratiously – 25th Dec 2006
Post Christmas Projects – 1st Jan 2007


Another Year, Another Christmas, Another Reminder of Age – 22 Dec 2007
Christmas Day in Adelaide – 25 Dec 2007
Using Christmas Leftovers in your Photography – 29 Dec 2007


Christmas Gifts, I Don’t Want – 8 Nov 2008
Almost Xmas 2008 – 24 Nov 2008
One Day Before Christmas – 26 Dec 2008


All I Want for Christmas – 26 Nov 2009
Where to Find the Best Christmas Flowers – 28 Nov 2009
The Twelve Days of Techno-Xmas – 9 Dec 2009


Children at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 15 Nov 2010
Animals at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 16 Nov 2010
Portraits at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 17 Nov 2010
Shooting Portraits of Colourful Christmas Clowns – 18 Nov 2010


Xmas Gifts for the Canon-Geek Photographer – 6 Dec 2011
Geek Stuff I Wish I Got for Xmas 2011 – 27 Dec 2011


Toys my Son Wants for Christmas! – 9 Dec 2012
A Big Bang Christmas – 23 Dec 2012


Our family doesn’t do presents for adults now. And for some silly reason I am classified an adult  at NEARLY 45 years old! BE A CHILD FOREVER! Sigh. My beautiful blue-eyed 18mo son got EVERY PRESENT! So now you have read my one post about Xmas-2013 inside my one post about Xmas-2013 about Xmas-2013. The Doctor would be proud.

Not bad, a quick and dirty list of cool things I have written about. Let’s hope my blog posts get better and more interesting in 2014!

POSTSCRIPT: I don’t really need any gifts. I’d just like them. If I got nothing at all, I’d still be happy. Just so long as I have food, water, somewhere to sleep well and internet access, I am happy.


My Ten Favourite Photographs (This Week So Far)

I’ve had a few great opportunities to shoot interesting and varied photographs this week.

Of the many family, portrait, abstract, and landscape photographs I have shot with both my Canon 50D and my Samsung Galaxy Note II, these are my favourite. Well, so far. See if you can pick which were shot by Canon or Samsung…

Wooden Spokes on Old Tyre

Green Reeds in the Little Sahara sand dunes.

Walking thru the Dunes

Reed Shadow & Silhouette

Petrol Bowser, Sheoak Café

Two Trees on Horizon

Sequence of Trees

Between Road and Shore

Pano of the Little Sahara sand dunes

But wait, there will be more, to be sure to be sure, all the way from Kangaroo Island shores. Maybe even a few oars.

Night Photography

I don’t get many chances to shoot night photography. So when I do, I have fun. It’s always about seeing how I can shoot architecture and people in either an abstract or enlightened way.

Check out all my night photo’s shot over the last six years, all displayed upon my Flickr Gallery.

. Heritage Windows, Adelaide City

Blackwood Railway Station - North View

Sunset on SeaLink SeaLink Sunset

Macro Macho Starfish Hill 03

Easy Target

Untitled Entry Fee

Traffic in Rain Third Floor, Second on Right

Peak Hour Traffic in the Adelaide CBD

Alight @ Night State Admin Centre, Adelaide CBD

Earl of Aberdeen

Adelaide Hilton By Night

GPO, Adelaide City

This last one is not-so-much night, just a very early morning in a well-lit park in the middle of the Adelaide CBD.

Cyclists in Victoria Square, Adelaide City

Bet you enjoyed my sufficient collection. I plan to partake in my many more photo-walks, either alone or with my Facebook group, throughout 2013. See you all there!

Bicycles in Adelaide

We are all enduring that time of the Adelaide calendar when bicycles encircle the Adelaide city & descend from the surrounding hills for the SANTOS Tour Down Under.

So I felt it time to wheel out my photographs of two-wheeled non-motorised cyclists, professional and amateur, enjoying riding purely for the fun of it!

Hangin' On Untitled

Cyclists at Stoplights

Red Helmets Go Faster BMX's are Back!

Shadow Jumper

Heavy Landing He Might Be Small

Cycling Up Hill (Male)Going for Distance, Going for Speed...

Lift, Lift it Up! Cycling Up Hill (Female)

Last but not least, the perfect bicycle for those of us who like be able to get off any time for a cold drink:

Travelling in Style

Capturing Architectural History through Photography

Much earlier this evening, as I was traversing the Adelaide CBD seeking a bus to escape the ropes of employment, I spotted the remains of a non-heritage building.

The demolition crew were surveying the fine mess they had made, the dust settling around them … so I took the moment to sneak a few photos of the pile through an open gate down the alley. Here is the best I could shoot with my Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Last Remains

I am so glad I like local architecture. Because it means I keep capturing moments in time that will never be seen again. Adelaide developers are knocking down many old buildings at the moment in order to put up new offices and apartments. It’s not all bad, some buildings are on their last legs. Thankfully most heritage buildings will never be permitted to be knocked down by anyone other than Mother Nature herself!.

Here are the many moments of time I have captured outside of the building that stood where now there is an empty chasm:

Just another tricycle on the Wall Bright Wall Art

paint cover ride the wall

Odd Door Ornament no parking

I really wish I had taken the time to shoot more images here. There’s not enough in my flickr gallery! Maybe other Adelaide photographers know the spot and also had opportunity to capture little moments of history. Feel free to post links to your photos in the comments!

My Favourite Uploads to Flickr in 2012

All throughout the year I have had merely a few opportunities for both casual and formal photography. Most of the family shots were asked to keep private, but I always take those opportunities to shoot abstract or organic shots at the locations we meet.

The formal shots that I enjoy showing you are from events or paid-work – but they have been few and far-between during this last year. This has been because of a few reasons, mostly self-inflicted.

The biggest and most important reason: We now have a baby-boy in the house. The monster is growing up big and strong. Thankfully he has not stolen too much of my photo opportunities  yet I will admit to not taking my camera everywhere I go – he needs so many bags for his nappies/toys/etc that my camera gets second-billing, therefore is not a high priority.

On the few occasions that my camera did come with us, I also managed to upload a few to flickr (and redbubble and fine-art-america!) for your viewing pleasure.

Here are the finalists for each month throughout 2012 that I like most. Hope you like my effort… Wait, you might see a few photographs that show the progressive-bump on my wife. Aha, the little boy in our life got a few discreet photos online!


Australian Flag WTC Adelaide - Handshakes after Doubles

WTC Adelaide - John McEnroe S

Lady Daly Stained Glass Window Street view of 'Executor Trustee & Agency Co'


#41 Cool in Blue Mini Jems #04

#43 I'm Crazier than Almost Everybody Here ABD #19

#42 Tied Ham Mini Jem #04


Bun in the Oven ADL Clipsal500 IMG_003

Chesser Street ADL Clipsal500 IMG_020

Motorcycle in Flight ADL Clipsal500 IMG_028


Chrome Bath Fittings Mt Lofty Photo Day #

Coopers Bottle and Caps Mt Lofty Photo Day #

Cleaning the CatRun # Through the Carwash #3


Completed Bathroom 02

Cooking with my Pregnant Wife Laughing Horse

Completed Ensuite


Bee Drinking {3} Set Fire to the Rain

Table with Sanded Top So Small, So Cute

Rabbit and Teddy Bears Dummy-Mode


Massivve Monochrome, South Road Superway Abandoned Pirate Ship

Chai Latte Impossible to Fly when Surrounded by Turkeys

Izzy Motorised Dinghy


Hilton Lights in Foyer Hilton Toilets

Inside the Monastery Church 1 Inside the Monastery Church 3

Inside the Monastery Church 4 High Tea in the Hilton Adelaide


Bug Committee Pelican Begging

South Road Superway #3 Pink Unknown

Mischief the Ferret Result: Mixed-Berries, Pancakes and Ice-Cream


Rope + Steel = Abstraction Bee on Pink Flower 1

Dinner at Primos Local Fruit Produce

Wine Lines


New to SA, New to #SocADL #SocADL Prakky

_MG_3297 Bloody Foot

_MG_3546 Red Christmas Ball


Through the Vines Shadows of Vines

Steel Hook in Detail Huge Kangaroo Paws!

Christmas Dog Christmas Tree Star

Whew, so many, yet is a great reminder of how awesome my year was! Yes, the year is not over yet!. According to my computer clock there is still another 5 1/2 hours left of the year! If we shoot any more photographs, I’ll post them in another article.

Here’s looking forward to another great year in 2013.
See you all there. Enjoy your NYE, share a few bottles, have fun with your kids and family!

Circular Photographs

I have soooo many photographs on my flickr account that I had to figure out a new way to show them off. So I went with ‘circular’. It helps that my most recent photographs are of Christmas lanterns, light globes and buckets — yes, all very circular objects.

So here goes: Here are 12 photos of things from our home and backyard. They are from the last 7 years of photographs on my flickr account — but only those with a circular appearance.

Power Experiment COOPERS

Six Days Growth Modern Plug

Singapore Silk #6 Test Shot with Home Made Snoot - Apples on White

One Huge Spider Web Apple of StickyNotes

Wood Stack Broken Orange Globe

Red Christmas Ball Green Christmas Ball

Watch out for my next post of a similar style but of a different shaped photographs!