Photograph of the Day: Red Tulip

My favourite photograph to date has now been uploaded to my FineArtAmerica gallery.
I hope you like it as much:

Red Tulip, by Stephen Mitchell, on FineArtAmerica

This single flower is one of a bunch purchased for the elderly matriarch within my wife’s family. This lovely woman is nearing 92 years old. Whilst age is taking her hearing and eyesight, her wit and laugh are still strong.

If you should like this photograph displayed in your home, consider these options:

As is the image above, you can have this as an acrylic print.
The biggest size available measures 48″ x 32″ (122cm x 81.3cm), price at $552.
At its smallest size – 14″ x 9.38″ (35.5 cm x 24cm) – you only pay $96.

Understandably, that is possibly a tad pricey for some lovers of this image.
That’s OK, it is also available upon a card with either a black or white back-side at only $6 each. When you buy 10, they are reduced to $3.20 per card. When you buy 25 cards, they drop to an astonishingly low price of $2.64 per card!

For the record, every artist on FineArtAmerica sets their own mark-up.
I would imagine some artists increase their mark-up up by stupendous amounts in the belief that high price equates to high value.  I like to think that my art is good, but that is only because I like what I find and photograph.  I also like to believe that my mark-up is fair and in line with the quality of the products that FineArtAmerica produces and distributes world-wide. 

So whilst some might balk at the price on this artwork, most do not. 

 Please take the time to peruse my work, choose that which you like, leave a comment,
and if you like it enough – buy it for yourself or a friend.


Baby Update + Photography

I’m not writing a lot these days as we are busy making our home ready for the baby. Yep, it’s only six weeks away – so lots of changes need to happen. Thankfully we have the nursery ready for sleeping. There’s enough teddy bears to give one a month for the next few years!

Today we went to BabyBunting where we fell in love with so many items! I’d like to get a ‘Moses Basket‘ and the ‘Mountain Buggy Swift Carry Cot‘! Sarah is adamant we will get an ‘ERGO Sports Baby Carrier‘ and a ‘Sound Monitor‘. Seems her wants are more valid than mine, but that’s fine with me. And we still need suitable baby-clothing and furniture!

When it comes to toys, we’d prefer our children grow up with the same as we had at this age, particularly those both educational and colourful – ie: The Little Golden Books, Winnie the Pooh, rubber duckies for the bathroom and a few other toys.

So instead of writing any further, I am linking to photographs within my online galleries. (I gotta pay for the baby stuff somehow!)

It’s either that or linking to youtube video’s that show baby’s having their umbilical cord cut, or links to baby toys I’d like to buy. Yeah, I’ll post that stuff to Facebook … and use my blog to post images I need you to buy so I can buy the kid toys!

Without further adieu, I encourage you to browse through the photographs on display here, follow the link in each image, and check out the many mediums upon which you can have my art displayed in your home. (Aha, semi-subtle suggestion!)

Art Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Sell Art Online Sell Art Online

Photography Prints Art Prints

Photography Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Photography Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Want more? There’s hundreds more within my FAA gallery, and I’m going to be adding more over the next few weeks. Another way to view them is upon my Facebook Business page. For those of you with a FAA gallery, I’d be most happy if you left a comment. If you are a photographer and member of FAA, let me know so we may connect.

Xmas Gifts for the Canon-Geek Photographer

Being a Canon-lover, I am getting these Canon shot glasses (next week) to give to myself for Christmas 2011!

The Shot Glass Lens Set

It will go nicely with my Camera Lens Mug and Lens Bracelets coming my way in the next few days. Wish I had seen the shot-glasses earlier!

Maybe photojojo will gift me the shot glasses for giving them all this free publicity. A man’s gotta dream!

Donating Photography for a Worthy Cause

I am donating three framed photographs, from the 20 that I exhibited during my SALA 2010 exhibition, to a silent auction at my day job.

Why? Well, it turns out that one of my work colleagues is participating in SuperCycle 2012.

What is this all about?

Most of us would know somebody who has been affected by cancer, whether it be ourselves, our family, our friends or one of our work mates. According to evidence, people in regional areas around the country have lower rates of survival from cancer than city folk.

A group of friends who all work in the superannuation funds around South Australia AND enjoy riding bikes around our beautiful state got together and said “We can do something about this!”

So they approached the Cancer Council of South Australia with the idea, arranged everything and set about press-ganging anyone listening into participating.

Consequently, the event is now a 1,000 kilometre charity event that will take the riders on a week-long trip around four wine-making areas, including the Spencer Gulf, the Southern Flinders Ranges and along the Murray River. Lots of beautiful parts of our beautiful state!

Why am I donating the framed photographs?

The group’s goal is to raise money and awareness of the accommodation services provided by Cancer Council SA to regional areas around the country.

To help my colleague raise as much money to support the Cancer Council, I volunteered three framed photographs from my collection that will be sold in a silent auction to the staff of my department. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

But it has taken me a while to choose which works would sell highest in the auction!

Tonight I have made the final choices.

Check ‘em out:

They retail between $120 and $200 when bought framed from my Redbubble photo gallery, but I have no idea what they will sell for during the auction. I’ve got no idea when the results will be revealed, but I’ll be sure to let you all know!

PS. Some of you may notice that the article has changed quite radically from what was originally posted. This has happened at the request of the cyclist I am supporting.

Nine New Tshirts

Oh, to wear one of my many tshirts!

My creative mind wanders in so many different directions taking in tonnes of information each night, and my analytical mind finds new ways to create the new ideas from my creativity. Consequently my collection of shirts vary in designs, layouts, colours and concepts.

Here are the latest nine shirts to appear…

I’d love to have ‘Living like there’s no Tomorrow‘ appear in the mail. They’re selling at at about $25, yet they are worth every cent: These shirts keep your chest-hair warm in winter, and your under-arm-hair cool in summer.