All Links Lead to Facebook

I follow a lot of interesting links on the interwebz each night. I am a prolific reader, I read prolifically. Is anyone read prolificly? But I digress…

A few nights back I stumbled onto Chris Harding‘s series,We the Robots . Hilarity ensued. That two word sentence is so cliched. Again, I digress…

"Whatchoo Lookin' At?"

Seems ‘We The Robots’ was a short period in his eclectic ‘toon time. Two years exactly, give or take a life time. A robot’s life can be long or short, depending on the country of birth. I like to digress.

So I checked out where Chris is now. Wasn’t difficult. Google is a search engine. I searched for him. Chris Harding. Animation. Here he is .

Then I went back to We The Robots. There is a link on his homepage to Chris’s / Chrises / Chrises’ / his Facebook page . hashtag head smack.

But the story doesn’t end there. (How many times have we heard THAT line? No, not the next one, the one prior to the one before this one!)

Seems Chris has an agent. Go read his awesome Contact page. Chris really his a funny guy. And his agent has a site filled with other artists .

Techtronics of Rex the RobotAnd his agent has links to sales teams, some live, some links dead. Nearly everyone of them are also on Facebook.

WHO ISN’T ON FACEBOOK?! Oh, yeah, my lovely coffee maker at Kikko’s on Pirie Street . Aha, free plug. I like my coffee, and I really like when it is the perfect breakfast. Much digression. And digestion. Coffee is good for that.

That’s it. More again. Another time. I make no promises I will post again tomorrow. I do that too often and don’t, so now I say I post irregularly – which means it is surprise to even me when I do. With surely more digression.


Almost the Last of the Self-Portraits

There is a definite possibility that I am a little weird. Maybe even strange, nuts and crazy. But not so much that anyone would seriously notice. Unless they have seen the self-portraits I have photographed this month:

#41 Cool in Blue #45 Red Tie to Match #44 PacMan Pong

#49 Thumbs UP #48 Not Guitar String #46 Clothing Combo'

# 47 Trouble in the Garden #45 Drawing up a new Design #43 I'm Crazier than Almost Everybody Here

#39 Dial or Button? #42 Tied Ham #40 On the Dog and Bone

#44 Cable Tied

I am not sorry to say that there WILL be a few more, but enough to last another week. I’m moving onto a different topic next month: Macro. Specifically with water and other liquids. Let’s watch what the future may bring…