Kangaroo Island Art Displayed Online

Once a month I volunteer to sit, show and sell local art.
Not just mine, but anyone’s in the Kangaroo Island Gallery. All exhibitors are required to do volunteer work instead of paying an exhibition-fee. It’s actually a fun job: Sit & sell in the gallery at least one full day or two half-days per month. Located at 1 Murray Street, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, behind the Kingscote Council Building, it’s actually an ambient place to be all day.

So I go the extra mile during my shift:
I use the time to create short videos showing off the curator’s change-of-location of all the amazing artwork. In each of the following videos you will notice that rarely is any artwork in the same place each month.

Video #1: Kangaroo Island Art Gallery: Open All Day, Every Day

Video #2: Three Minutes in the Kangaroo Island (Art) Gallery ‘Top Room’
Someone once said “Build it and they will come”. The KI Gallery has built a new room. It’s time for you to come, view, peruse and purchase the artwork.

Video #3: 30 Years Retrospective of Kangaroo Island Artwork
Artwork on display at the Kangaroo Island Gallery in the new ‘Top Room’ at the back of the shop. Take some time out of your day to appreciate them.

I look forward to seeing you there one time!


Naming Photography Collections Appropriately

Breaking Through to the Other Side

A few nights ago I was pondering if I should give my photography collections fancy names.

I wanted to use interesting words that described the nature of the collection yet without sounding all pretentious and prissy.

It still had to sound masculine, yet attracting everyone. So I did what everyone does: I googled a few words, changed the criteria a few times and finally stumbled onto these two articles:

How to Name Your Packages

Lawrence says in the first line: A vital element of packaging and promoting your products is language.”
So true.Choosing each word to specifically convey the message you really want to say is paramount. See I what I did there? Seriously, read this, your product range will go from basic to premium in no time!

Top 10 Tricks for Creating Photography Packages that Sell

Leah Remillét, a strategist for professional photographers, shares her top 10 tips we should all know about offering photography packages to our clientele. She offers better word choices, better structure to your offer, and the difference between cost and value. I love her tips on when best to start on any project.

Line Up

I am sure there are more articles regarding the issue.

These two say enough for me to consider where I want to go from here. Look out for MY premium gold collection or the Caviar on Crackers collection! ;)

Baby Update + Photography

I’m not writing a lot these days as we are busy making our home ready for the baby. Yep, it’s only six weeks away – so lots of changes need to happen. Thankfully we have the nursery ready for sleeping. There’s enough teddy bears to give one a month for the next few years!

Today we went to BabyBunting where we fell in love with so many items! I’d like to get a ‘Moses Basket‘ and the ‘Mountain Buggy Swift Carry Cot‘! Sarah is adamant we will get an ‘ERGO Sports Baby Carrier‘ and a ‘Sound Monitor‘. Seems her wants are more valid than mine, but that’s fine with me. And we still need suitable baby-clothing and furniture!

When it comes to toys, we’d prefer our children grow up with the same as we had at this age, particularly those both educational and colourful – ie: The Little Golden Books, Winnie the Pooh, rubber duckies for the bathroom and a few other toys.

So instead of writing any further, I am linking to photographs within my online galleries. (I gotta pay for the baby stuff somehow!)

It’s either that or linking to youtube video’s that show baby’s having their umbilical cord cut, or links to baby toys I’d like to buy. Yeah, I’ll post that stuff to Facebook … and use my blog to post images I need you to buy so I can buy the kid toys!

Without further adieu, I encourage you to browse through the photographs on display here, follow the link in each image, and check out the many mediums upon which you can have my art displayed in your home. (Aha, semi-subtle suggestion!)

Art Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Sell Art Online Sell Art Online

Photography Prints Art Prints

Photography Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Photography Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Want more? There’s hundreds more within my FAA gallery, and I’m going to be adding more over the next few weeks. Another way to view them is upon my Facebook Business page. For those of you with a FAA gallery, I’d be most happy if you left a comment. If you are a photographer and member of FAA, let me know so we may connect.