Family Event: The Adelaide City to Bay Fun Run 2013

Our close friends Vicki and Ben Kramer have a lovely little boy who required a heart operation shortly after birth. It touched our hearts when we heard what it took to support their family during those early days of little Zach’s life.

So now we want to give as much as possible to all families who need immediate support during that same time of their child’s life.

Therefore: The Mitchell Family are walking in the City to Bay Fun Run 2013 to help raise funds for HeartKids SA. Follow the link on and thru the image to donate funds to help everyone enjoy life to the fullest.

Dig deep into your soul, open your wallet, give just a little bit and help those that cannot help themselves. The children. Support is in our hands.

Image created by my two hands using GIMP.


Nine New Tshirts

Oh, to wear one of my many tshirts!

My creative mind wanders in so many different directions taking in tonnes of information each night, and my analytical mind finds new ways to create the new ideas from my creativity. Consequently my collection of shirts vary in designs, layouts, colours and concepts.

Here are the latest nine shirts to appear…

I’d love to have ‘Living like there’s no Tomorrow‘ appear in the mail. They’re selling at at about $25, yet they are worth every cent: These shirts keep your chest-hair warm in winter, and your under-arm-hair cool in summer.

Early Morning Sales

It’s been a good Monday morning already! Not only is it a public holiday, meaning I have a day-off from my day-job, I have had a few items sell on my Redbubble Tshirt collection this morning! This is always a great discovery!

What’s most interesting is that generally I don’t know about it until it appears on my Facebook wall. I have Redbubble settings in place that enable my sales, comments, uploads and favourite-artwork appear on Facebook. It’s handy for promoting art across my family and friends!

It’s most important for me to say is CONGRATULATIONS to the buyers. Because the art of selling is not only to thank your buyers, no, your time should also be spent congratulating them on their purchase, giving them advice on how they use the product, and then (no matter what field you are in) showing them what else they can buy. Which I have done.

Go check out my message to the buyers, the products they bought, plus a few extra details.

Again, congratulations to everyone who wears my tshirts, purchases my photography, sticks my graphics on their laptop ;), and generally likes my artwork.

Check out ALL of my tshirt collections:

Photographers Shirt Quotes and Graphics Rat Pack Battery Pack Guitar Set Zombie Attack Needlework About to Snap

The Power of Advertising on Social Media

As a graphic artist, I find advertising of my work upon social media is quite effective. Here is today’s example of how much a little self-promotion can work:

For the last few hours I have been updating my entire Redbubble Tshirt Collection.
This has included editing a few works, changing fonts, adding text-shadows, plus lowering the price on ALL of them by about $5.00. This means you will get more bling for your buck!

So I had finished editing this shirt and had advertised that fact upon my Facebook wall.
Normally no big deal, I get a few likes, a few LOL’s, and maybe a quick discussion. Which is fine by me – chatting is always fun! But this time I, no, the client got lucky – they bought this one I’d just finished editing:

Feel free to say HELLO. But I will stop listening after 140 characters

A friend upon Redbubble and Facebook had bought it PLUS these two shirts!

Mummy says Santa is Real. So he must be real … a Real Scrooge: This is not a Pony!

Here I am. So what are your two other wishes?

How cool is that? Yeah, very cool! UBERCOOL EVEN – just like these shirts!

I have over 10 shirts (from my own collection) which I wear so often that I often forget I have any others! I can testify that the images last longer than any other tshirt! Redubble shirts are amazingly cool in the summer and extra-warm in the winter.

PS: Name of friend not included to protect Santa’s elves from divulging the names on the Christmas presents!

The WWW’s Biggest Lens!

I had to do it: I have built the world’s BIGGEST lens:

Longest Lens in the World
View at full size [6069 x 1030 pixels]

Yeah, I am getting a telephoto lens very shortly, but cannot wait! Mine will only be a CANON 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Lens. According to all the professional photographers I have spoken with, the f2.8 is the perfect professional lens to be using – that suits my budget!

Tonight whilst I was creating graphics (for tshirt designs), I decided that I had to have the lens RIGHT NOW! It only took minutes to create this monstrosity  from the same lens I will be holding in about a weeks time (depending on Australia Post).

Wearing Shirts to Escape the Rat Race

On Friday (~13th August, 2010) I had a very quiet day, so spent most of it drawing, designing, creating and uploading new graphics to Redbubble. Here is where my mind went:

I photographed a bunch of shots of this BMX-rider sometime last year and figured I could incorporate one of them into a T-shirt-design. Initially I had uploaded a simple two-colour silhouette-style graphic of the BMX rider, then rebuilt it so there were four-riders in different colours slightly overlapping each other. It worked, but it was hardly rocket-science to build.

On Friday I was revisiting the graphics to see if I could enliven it. Well, I had been thinking about how I could escape the rat-race … and this idea was born. The rat-head took some time draw, and the rat-tail went through various incarnations before using the arc of the wheel as a starting point!

Anyhow, after much proverbial crumpling of binary paper, I finalised this design. Most impressed, I set about putting it into various layouts. These four are where we are currently, yet I know there is scope for many more ideas.

Escape the Rat Race

Pretty much where it all started. Rat’s racing on bikes looks much cooler than just their heads sitting in F1-cars, so went for a set of four-bikes. Two is not a race, three never looks random enough, and ‘four rats racing’ rolls off the tongue so much easier. ;)

Shirt - Escape the Rat Race, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Escape the Rat Race AGAIN!

This design is more like one rat riding along and suddenly doing a mono’. (Raised front-wheel. When I was a kid, it was a called a mono’. Not sure what they call it now.) I like to think of this being the rat that escapes the normal rut of life by doing something out of the ordinary.

Originally I had the front-rat in a rainbow colouring, but it looked more like a mistake than an intentional design. Oh, but it did show me that I do need to make duplicates and invert the black/white. That’ll allow them to work on darker-coloured shirts. More about that soon!

Shirt - Escape the Rat Race AGAIN, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Celtic Rats

Not all of us want a tattoo, but we do want to rebel against the system and escape the rat race. So here you have it: An attempt at a Celtic pattern that could have been put around your neck, arm or waist … but will look best upon cotton around your chest!

Shirt - Celtic Rats, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Rat Race Pattern

When Redbubble eventually enable graphics to rotate, to flow around the shirt, go right up to the neck-line and down to the base, this shirt will be adjusted accordingly. Until then, it still looks great. I see this pattern being developed a little further as time goes by, but this will do for now.

Shirt - Rat Race Pattern, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

If you are like me, you’ll love wearing anyone of these shirts either in public-view or during casual day at your day-job.

If you do buy one, be sure to photograph yourself wearing it and put the image online somewhere with the tag “escapetheratrace“. That would be cool!