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When I first started blogging I had no idea where the future would take my scribblings. I readily admit that blogging was purely an escape from the realities around me.

Since then the articles have evolved into articles about the work I enjoy: photography, art, the art of fatherhood, plus a myriad of random subjects. I really should narrow it down, but then I get ideas that I let flow. Like my last post, I never know where my mind takes an idea.

About two years ago I had a silly idea that I could monetise my blog. I watched many other bloggers add Google Adsense and tried to follow their example. It hasn’t worked yet. See, I have a particularly appearance that I would prefer they adhered to. But they don’t. They are ugly.

So I have finally gotten smart. With my graphic art skills honed over the last fifteen years, I only advertise my family products. All the adverts below are in the sidebar of both mine and the kid’s blog. So here’s hoping you click on the links, go check them out, and maybe buy a tshirt or framed work. A father can dream.


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So now you know what I do in my spare time. And how I make a little money from my blog.

FYI: I created all the graphics for these adverts. Some need more work or complete revitalisation. That’s the fun of this game – I can do that. I enjoy it.




Quit Today and Save a Life: Yours.

I’m always finding stupid places where cigarettes have stamped out, odd places where someone has mashed cigarette-ends to put out the flame, and drowned where they have been thrown into water-ways (road-gutters, creek-beds, etc).

As an ardent anti-smoker, this gets me bloody angry that people can be so careless with what is ultimately a ‘dangerous weapon’. So I am taking a new stance on this issue:
I am putting both my photography and graphic-design skills together to put together posters that show where I have found your cigarette butts PLUS show a quick message reminding you that you still have time to quit this disgusting habit
… thus saving your life and the lives of all that you are effecting.

Here is the first of a range of quit-posters you will find upon my flickr gallery. This is the top of a bin at a train station. It stinks of nicotine and all the other noxious chemicals in cigarettes.

quit poster 02

This is the top of those ash-tray-lids that our state chooses to put a’top garbage bins, which are in public places which are commonly used for pleasure, transportation and shopping. Which means young children walking by, whose mouths and noses at the same level as the top of these bins, directly inhale the contents. This means that mothers with prams/pushers are indirectly allowing young children to inhale the decaying smell.

Whilst it’s far better than the alternatives (stubbed out on bitumen, pavement, road, etc), the bins don’t exactly fix the real problem.

Here is another image created to help convince you that your smoking habit is not doing anyone any favours.

quit poster 01

Do we seriously want to poison the next generation? These are the same people who we want to run our country, support us in our retirement years, drive the trains and buses, the same people we bring up with moralistic views … yet our society continues to allow these cancer-sticks to be part of main-stream life. Mixed messages? Definitely.

Redbubble Art Now Available on PVC Stickers

Redbubble have added a new product range for graphic artists: Stickers.

That’s right, all my chocolate graphics are now available on PVC, a strong and durable product that will outlive the cockroaches at the end of time.

So I’ve just spent an hour going through all my graphics to determine which looked better with a white background. Surprisingly, most look fantastic with only a few that will need tweaking to add more colour and outline.

The images below, all linked to their respective page, display all my graphic designs not only work in this format, they also look bloody brilliant. Well, I say they do. What do you think?

Two stickers

Each foot is an individual sticker

Aha, you agree right? Go on, you know you the drill: Buy one of each! I know which ones I am going to buy next…

ezCREATE Photography, Stephen Mitchell

13 Posters for Photo Exhibitions

Presenting my chosen photographs within my upcoming SALA exhibition is only half the effort. Printing will happen soon, the pieces have been chosen. Frames were purchased long ago, so mounting will happen within the next 4-6 weeks.

Right now I am designing the flyer for advertising and exhibition handout. I’m seriously considering designing the two as one, thereby reducing costs.

But I’m not having luck choosing a format. So I googled ‘photography gallery exhibition posters’ to get an idea of what could be possible. Wow! So many great results. Have a look at those that appealed to my eyes:

To save space, I’ve put them all onto one image, displayed below. See the full version via these links: #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12.

12 Poster Designs for Photography Exhibitions

As you can see, there are a lot of different options and all of them with differing ideas on how to layout a poster for a photograph exhibition.

Now to design my own. Which will be the 13th poster in this article. Thus showing if anyone reads my articles or the titles thereof. ;))

Whilst searching I also found this upcoming book of 100 exhibition posters.