NEW: Four More Rat Shirts

Last year I displayed four of my rat-shirts , all on display within my Redbubble collection.

Making interesting and funny graphics is my 2nd favourite hobby, so here is another four creations now in the collection!

Falling with Rats was created early in 2011. Some days we want to escape the rat-race any which way possible, including falling through a hidden door, through the escape hatch, or just slipping sideways through a crack in the continuum. Don’t read too much into this idea, it was just a bit of fun. Hoping you like it as much as the last buyer did!

Falling with Rats

Flight of the Butter-Rat was born whilst a young niece wanted to use Uncle Stephen’s computer to draw. She’d seen me drawing with GIMP, so I asked her what she wanted to draw. “Butterfly’s!”, was her answer.

As I had been working on new ideas for the rat-series only a few minutes earlier, my mind went in crazy directions – and very quickly the butter-rats were born.

I do remember that the young lady was quite angry that I would suggest that butterfly’s were rats, but all was forgiven at Christmas time when she recieved her special tshirts, cards and calendars , plus this tshirt!

Flight of the Butter Rat

Red Rat Swarm and Flying Rat and Red Swarm were born out of an idea to overlay images so as to create interesting voids. Check out how the graphics appear when shown on different colour shirts to understand what I mean.

Red Rat Swarm

Flying Rat and Red Swarm

Hope you like my graphic as displayed on shirts. More will appear in this series soon!


One Way to Have a Great Weekend – My Way!

It’s been a busy weekend of editing photographs and creating new graphics. All whilst doing some gardening, so nothing happened as fast it could have done. Yet this is not what I had planned for the weekend …

I did have plans to build an eBay store. I saw last week (via someone on Facebook) that we can now build a “my ebay“. This is a great idea! I really should get this done. I have a tonne of stuff I want to sell, including camera bags and lenses. Over the next few nights, hopefully.

As usual, I got distracted by other ideas…

New Shirts

I always have ideas, many of them in progress as we speak! Here are four shirts I finally finished creating. Tell me if you like them … by buying them!

This is Not the Shirt you are Looking for You've Mistaken me for Someone who Gives a

Ignore Previous Shirt Bear Gone Crazy

New Photographs

I’m always editing photographs. Thankfully it’s the number-one hobby of mine, plus I make a few extra dollars for my efforts. I currently have three months of photography shot at local attractions that are in various stages of editing. Now that I have a ‘Fine Art America’ account, I’ll be uploading much more photo artwork!

As I am still a Redbubble Addict, I uploaded a few new photographs…

Rusted Wreck II, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble Race Upstream, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble Rusted Wreck, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Pedalled, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble Dance of the Dead Fish, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble Jingle Bells, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

More Graphics

The last thing I did for the weekend was create half-a-dozen graphics. These are for further promoting my redbubble gallery. Now that Redbubble have introduced the new ‘collections’ for categorising our artwork, I felt it was time to also show the world the varying mediums that my photography can be purchased upon. Here goes…

Greeting Cards and Post Cards Framed Photographs
Laminated Photographs Photographs on Posters
Canvas Photography Mounted Photography

Plus the digging in the garden, it has a been a fun weekend. What did you get up to?

The WWW’s Biggest Lens!

I had to do it: I have built the world’s BIGGEST lens:

Longest Lens in the World
View at full size [6069 x 1030 pixels]

Yeah, I am getting a telephoto lens very shortly, but cannot wait! Mine will only be a CANON 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Lens. According to all the professional photographers I have spoken with, the f2.8 is the perfect professional lens to be using – that suits my budget!

Tonight whilst I was creating graphics (for tshirt designs), I decided that I had to have the lens RIGHT NOW! It only took minutes to create this monstrosity  from the same lens I will be holding in about a weeks time (depending on Australia Post).