20 Job Hunting Sites in South Australia

I am back on the hunt for a new job. My four month hiatus was fun, and now I am ready to resume providing my customer service, business support, and/or facilities management skills, experience, knowledge and ability.

Yes, that sounded very government – because that is what I have been doing for the last 20 years. As such I am not permitted to be employed within government until October 2018 – but I am quite happy with that.

I am forever hunting for jobs on Seek.com.au, yet I have discovered they are not the only online job hunting site. Here are my browser bookmarks of 20 recruitment services I have found right here in South Australia.

  1. Advanced Search – Dome
  2. Apply Direct
  3. CareerOne
  4. Davies Stewart
  5. DFP Recruitment
  6. DiscoverDome
  7. Drake INTL
  8. Edge Propery People
  9. ExtraStaff
  10. Hays
  11. In2view
  12. Kelly Services
  13. Locher
  14. People Bank
  15. Randstad
  16. SEEK
  17. Talent2
  18. WiseEmployment
  19. workforcejobs
  20. WorkPac

I am having so much fun going through each of them to find a new employer. Wish me luck!


Lunch with Mentors = Motivation & Money

Mellissah Smith has written a great post with which I wholeheartedly agree : Never Eat Alone

The best line from the article is…

A lunch date with someone can change your outcomes.

Bar Balcony @ Hotel-Richmond, Rundle Mall I find that lunch with friends is often a simple way to get motivated. Being able to talk through one’s ideas, thoughts and any general chit-chat is a great way to both vent one’s mind and then refresh and rebuild.

I take every opportunity to have lunch with a local entrepreneur whom I call my ‘mentor’ (though he doesn’t really know that).

We use the opportunity to share our current and future goals, then discuss where things might be modified or amended. If the opportunity arises or is deemed necessary, we combine forces to complete ideas.

So I agree with the sentiment that lunch equals money, but I primarily use the time to stay motivated!

That being said, I also enjoy quiet time to mull over ideas. Not mull in a bad way, but so as to think through new ideas to determine if they are cost effective, ethical (and I mean in line with both my own ethics plus to some degree what society deems morally acceptable) and what I really want to do.

Being able to step out of oneself to see the ramifications of a new venture is always important. Asking yourself if you really want to do a thing is vital when in the startup stage; There is nothing worse than being halfway through a project to discover that the result is not what you had in mind at the beginning.

That’s my two cents for the day. Check out Mellisah’s site, she has many articles worth reading! This is one that has reminded me to stay motivated!

Getting more Photo Opportunities!

Fountain in Rundle Mall Amused with myself and life. I said a few days back that I would have a photographic-hiatus for the next 12-18 months, all while our first child grows up. Yet it appears that cannot happen, or may not start for a while.

Read on to discover how busy my photo-calendar is right now:

1. Last night I had such a great time shooting people at the Hotel Richmond that I’m keen to do more event and people photography.

Having the opportunity to compose and shoot photographs of people (mostly) willing to stand still for a few moments is a lot of fun.

Being able to chat, laugh, and get people whom I’ve never met before to smile perfectly for a seemingly candid photograph seems to be quite easy for me – and I never knew I had that in me!

Yeah, some days I am extroverted, some days I am shy. But with my camera in my hand, I am in my element.

Exposed Bricks

2. A month ago I was asked if a few of my photos on Flickr could be used in a book for the ‘South East City Stories Project’. I agreed.

The book is being launched next weekend at the ‘Box Factory Community Centre’. To which I have been invited to attend. Yes, same place and time as the Cupcake Camp Adelaide ! Going to be a good night.

3. I have been asked to shoot a wedding for some new friends whom I only met a few months ago – in Aug/September 2014. (Date at last correspondance with client, so it may come forward.) I’m looking forward to it, they are nice people so it will be fun to organise and shoot lots of different styles of

So much for having a photo-hiatus. But I don’t mind. Being able to hold a camera in public is not only fun, it is good for the soul. Or at least it is for me.

The Value of Social Connectivity

I don’t post comments/responses on other blogs as often as I should. Tonight I found an article where I found myself agreeing so much with the writer that I felt it important to respond.

Nothing bad, I totally agreed with the article. Check out what I wrote. Respond if you feel the same or otherwise.

LinkedIn and the Meaning of Connections « PR and the Social Web.

Oh, wait, my comment may not appear straight away. It’s being moderated by the writer. If it doesn’t, no matter, the article is still worth reading.

Empty Show Ride

Any Interest Yet?

Is anyone pinning stuff from your web site? Have you been noticed, pinned, pined after, appreciated, venerated and been given the free promotion you feel you deserve? Apparently you can find out fairly easily:


For those who are utilising Pinterest to push products from other people’s sites, and least of all your own (cause the contract implies you shouldn’t do that), you should check if others are promoting your products, your photography, your business, your sense of humor.

Simply insert the URL of your site where I have put question marks. Remember to include the ‘http://www.‘ but not with wordpress blogs.

There you have it. Don’t worry if you find nothing. Whilst the term ‘reciprocal linkage‘ is still quite foreign to many, you will find that many people will eventually.

Alternatively, particularly if you are male, utilise http://gentlemint.com/ to find stuff that takes your interest and makes it more …well … manly. Mainly.

ABD #24

Using Viral Networking to Determine Influence

FastCompany is seeking the most influential people on the internet. I’m not sure how they are calibrating this system, but it is (at least) a great way to see how viral a site can be.

Morning Web

By connecting with people via the many popular social-network sites, and encouraging participants to encourage others to join, this could be a great way to see how fast any site can be an influence on the whole internet.

Gone are the days when the internet was purely a device for connecting a couple of colleges: Now we are connected because of the sites we want to be seen upon.

Who am I to stop a trend? I could be the most influential man in town, really, I could be. But that is not up to me. I might ‘blow my horn‘ on occasion, as some are inclined to say, but I doubt I can influence enough people to, say, well, use a sharpie to write on their CD’s.

On this occasion the best influence I can give is that YOU join to see who you are influencing. Oh, but please do it via my page. Aha, that’s how viral marketing works. Go on, you want to know, don’t you?

My Wine for DeadReds

Ingoldby Mclaren Vale 2000 Shiraz I’ve found a fantastic bottle of red for the next ‘Dead Reds Wake #7‘ night! What are you bringing?

See you there. I’ll be the guy photographing all of attendees tasting, chatting and networking with all new-found friends. I know, because I’ve been to few wakes now, each time meeting new friends and finding great people to talk with … and then capture them in interesting photographs!

These events are a lot of fun, and definitely a good night out, even if you don’t win nor drink.This time I am going to win!