Oakbank Race Course

Whilst going through all my Flickr photographs for a handful to add to a new album, I found these few photographs shot during my younger brother’s 40th birthday. Figured they needed a little air-time. All shot on a Canon 400D.

210-degree Pano of Oakbank RaceCourse
Stitched Panorama of about 7 photographs
210degree Pano of Oakbank RaceCourse

Waiting to be Served
I swear, it felt like ghosts were in the room whilst I photographed these scenes.
Waiting to be Served

Racing Carpet
Inside the Oakbank Racecourse
Racing Carpet

Old aerial view of oakbank
Found in a back room, inside the Oakbank Racecourse
old aerial view of oakbank

Oakbank Race Course – Horse Head
Walking around the grandstands looking for a good shot, I found these horseheads. Great detail!
Oakbank Race Course - Horse Head

Oakbank Race Course – Stadium
Oakbank Race Course - Stadium

Oakbank Race Course – Shillabeer Stand
Oakbank Race Course - Shillabeer Stand

Then the party started – and I became the barman for a few hours.


Photographs of Adelaide City

Before heading out to the Lady Daly last night, I had 40minutes spare to take a walk around Adelaide City whilst waiting for my ride. So I walked down Rundle Mall and back up Grenfell Street.

Here are my favorite of  the many photographs I shot….


RAA House Grenfell House? Street view of RAA House

Bright Wall Art Just another tricycle on the Wall

Leaf Congregation

Top Silver Ball Cranes over Rundle Park Crane Reflection

Street view of 'Executor Trustee & Agency Co' Reaching new Heights

Executor Trustee & Agency Co


Yes, an eclectic bunch of photographs that simply appealed to my eye. I hop they appeal to you also!

Updates to my Upcoming Exhibition

In case you hadn’t heard, read, been told or haven’t accepted the invitation yet, I one of 3,300 people exhibiting photographic artwork during the SALA 2010 festival.

If you are in Adelaide between 30th July and 14th August, come, see, peruse, and maybe purchase my twenty framed photographs of waterscapes around Kangaroo Island.

I’m upstairs at Stall 141 in the the Adelaide Arcade, open between 10am and 6pm (or thereabouts. Some days I am going to visit other SALA exhibitions around Adelaide!)

The opening night is 30th July, between 6.00pm and 9.00pm. I hope to see you all!

What is the updated news?

If you walk past the stall from this Monday (19th July 2010), and look in the window: You’ll see my artwork on the walls. Aha, that’s right, I’ve been given permission to hang the artwork early. There is a reason for this – which will be explained next month!

My SALA 2010 Promo Advert Extra: Those that turn up will find out where I got the idea for the theme: “Lines on the Horizon“.

Big thanks to my sponsors and contributors:

Richard Pascoe, Adelaide's TechGuy

The Islander Estate Vineyards - IEV - Jacques Lurton


How do you use the Internet?

It would appear that I use the internet differently to most people.

1. I don’t want to lead large groups of people.
I prefer to be part of the group, get involved with the machinations and converse with the crowds.

Outboard Motors

Yes, I am the leader of the Adelaide/SA Photographers on Redbubble. It is merely a title, and gives me no financial reward. I basically keep the group submissions to the calibre we want to display to the world. We are not a happy-snap group, we display images that show Adelaide and South Australia in best light.

2. I don’t aim to make quadrillions of dollars from the internet. I do upload graphics and photographs that I sell occasionally, but I don’t expect the internet sales to jump through the roof so I can quit my day job. That might be a dream, but I am neither so egotistical nor naive enough to believe that is possible. Instead, I use the internet as an one very large online gallery. So far, it’s working.

3. I don’t connect with just anyone. I am not going to connect with you just because your popularity is determined by the followers you have swarming all over your profile. Unless I actually find your content to be interesting. Yes, I do connect with a lot of interesting people who have reached that interesting online status of ‘Guru’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Venerable’. But when we first connected, they were just regular Joe’s like me. They ran with the concept of using the internet to increase their net worth. It’s a grand scheme if you can keep up the pace.

So that is the do-not’s. There’s probably a few more, but those were the few that jumped out of my head after perusing a few other sites.

Here is my always-do list:

Solo Flight

1. I always find time to talk. Even if it is belated. On twitter I sometimes respond with ‘Belated response : …’. I figure it’s polite to be honest. I also figure that a late response is better than no response. But I try to only respond to questions, not pithy responses or ego-aimed praise. Praise is nice, and admiration is OK, but an honest critique wins every day of the week.

2. I do a lot of reading. Mostly using Bloglines (an RSS reader). Not as much as I used to — we all change direction, evolve and sometimes take completely new paths. I’ve certainly done that. My reading matter includes web-design, photography, self-improvement and a smattering of philosophical stuff. For many, it makes no sense. For me, it’s the closest I have to surrounding myself with people with mutual interests.

3. I enjoy getting hooked on a site for a few months at a time. My longest addiction is Redbubble, which is now just over 3 years! I pray they neither sell-out nor collapse, as I plan to be with them for the long-haul, even if I was to never sell anything. Great people, both on the site and in the office. I’ve met a few, yet have to go Melbourne again soon, if only to meet Peter Styles. Great guy. Not just saying that, I mean it.

That’s my use of the internet. Whilst I’d love to make money from my blogs via advertising space (and I could), I’m not focusing on that at the moment. I have a bunch of emails asking me to take the next step, but I’m letting that option/idea slide a little longer. It’s not procrastination, it’s finding sufficient time to actually sit down and redesign aspects to enable it all sit aesthetically. I’m all for well-placed advertising that doesn’t take over a site.

That’s me in a nut shell. Oh, before I forget, and because I couldn’t NOT advertise myself: Check out my previous article. Someone other than me has to buy a PacMan shirt! !

13 Posters for Photo Exhibitions

Presenting my chosen photographs within my upcoming SALA exhibition is only half the effort. Printing will happen soon, the pieces have been chosen. Frames were purchased long ago, so mounting will happen within the next 4-6 weeks.

Right now I am designing the flyer for advertising and exhibition handout. I’m seriously considering designing the two as one, thereby reducing costs.

But I’m not having luck choosing a format. So I googled ‘photography gallery exhibition posters’ to get an idea of what could be possible. Wow! So many great results. Have a look at those that appealed to my eyes:

To save space, I’ve put them all onto one image, displayed below. See the full version via these links: #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12.

12 Poster Designs for Photography Exhibitions

As you can see, there are a lot of different options and all of them with differing ideas on how to layout a poster for a photograph exhibition.

Now to design my own. Which will be the 13th poster in this article. Thus showing if anyone reads my articles or the titles thereof. ;))

Whilst searching I also found this upcoming book of 100 exhibition posters.

My Wine for DeadReds

Ingoldby Mclaren Vale 2000 Shiraz I’ve found a fantastic bottle of red for the next ‘Dead Reds Wake #7‘ night! What are you bringing?

See you there. I’ll be the guy photographing all of attendees tasting, chatting and networking with all new-found friends. I know, because I’ve been to few wakes now, each time meeting new friends and finding great people to talk with … and then capture them in interesting photographs!

These events are a lot of fun, and definitely a good night out, even if you don’t win nor drink.This time I am going to win!

What is your Site-Design process?

I ask because Smashing Magazine have got a Poll asking that same question. I voted accordingly, but felt that was only half the story. Here is my full web site design process: (Read below, whereas the link goes to the poll!)

Macro Perspective

My Site Design Process

1. Paper for Client discussions, HTML and CSS
Generally do a LOT of wire-framing on paper. Love my 2B pencils and .9-push-pencils. Sometimes takes forever, other times happens in moments. Particularly when clients give me carte-blanche. This usually pertains to the design, not the finance.

2. Notepad++ for HTML and CSS.
I like using Notepad++ to write code. Yes, so old school, yet simple to use. I taught myself everything with DW3 about ten years ago, then reverted to MS Notepad when it couldn’t handle layers. I’ve heard the latest version does all the bells and whistles. Meh. Since discovering and learning Notepad++, I cringe when I think back to the 100+ page site I created and maintained with MS Notepad.

Then I get the paint colour-chart out and play mix-n-match. The real fun part.

3. GIMP for Graphics.
I like to build mock-ups in GIMP , then break down to individual graphics one at a time, having fun plying with the textures, typography and all the tiny-pixels.

5. CS3 for photographs and special images.

6. Test in every browser: IE7/8, (I’ve stopped testing in IE6), Chrome, Firefox, Flock (still), Opera and Safari. Not always in alphabetical order ;)!.

Simple really. Which is surprising, because I don’t do any of this much any more. Photography is my game now , and I only code for close-to-home clients.