My SALA-2016 Photography is STILL on Exhibition!

Do you remember when I exhibited my photography at SALA 2016? Thanks to good friends, at the 11th hour I was asked if I would like to hang artwork that year.

With the little savings I had available, I had a few images printed and framed – and on walls at  the Catalyst Foundation Adelaide office in their From Another Perspective Art Exhibition. All are available to peruse both in their reception and in their rear seminar room.

1 August until 2 September – Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm
UPDATE early 2017: My photography will remain on exhibition an additional 4 weeks, or until we can collect the frames.
UPDATE early 2018: My photography is still on display as we have relocated to Kangaroo Island have no way to collect them at this time. Early this year they will

$195 each = A2 (40x50cm) print and frame. Additionally they are available upon my Redbubble gallery, on multiple mediums. The easiest way to hang them all is on a Calendar. Here is each image framed, similar to how they appear on display:

Seminar Room (left to right)

Reception and Elsewhere

I really hope to collect them early this year so I can display them on Kangaroo Island with either the same photographs or newer ones. Watch this space!


Upward View of the Adelaide CBD Horizon

I have found a PDF that makes good reading for Adelaide residents who have penchant for knowledge that includes facts, figures and fees. I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb: Below I have listed the pages and Fee-ID’s that might be of interest to the photographers of our great and ever-growing inner-city.

  • Page 20, Fee ID 0412 – Film Shoots Commercial Still or Movie, in line with guidelines
  • Page 24, Fee ID 0916 – Audio Visual Equipment 8×8 Tripod Screen
  • (Extra: Page 53 – all of them. Don’t feed the birds.)
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0109 – Business Promotion Handing out free samples
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0300 – Distribution of pamphlets
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0562 – Ladders / Footpath permits (Casual)
  • (Extra: Page 67 & 68 – photography archives. Read it.)

Appears to be nothing saying I’m not permitted from capturing photography of the Adelaide architecture for general use and potential exhibition.

Thus, I can continue with an idea (that I have mulling over for about five years) for my SALA exhibition in 2014.

Onwards and upwards I shoot!
Lines of Light

Donating Photography for a Worthy Cause

I am donating three framed photographs, from the 20 that I exhibited during my SALA 2010 exhibition, to a silent auction at my day job.

Why? Well, it turns out that one of my work colleagues is participating in SuperCycle 2012.

What is this all about?

Most of us would know somebody who has been affected by cancer, whether it be ourselves, our family, our friends or one of our work mates. According to evidence, people in regional areas around the country have lower rates of survival from cancer than city folk.

A group of friends who all work in the superannuation funds around South Australia AND enjoy riding bikes around our beautiful state got together and said “We can do something about this!”

So they approached the Cancer Council of South Australia with the idea, arranged everything and set about press-ganging anyone listening into participating.

Consequently, the event is now a 1,000 kilometre charity event that will take the riders on a week-long trip around four wine-making areas, including the Spencer Gulf, the Southern Flinders Ranges and along the Murray River. Lots of beautiful parts of our beautiful state!

Why am I donating the framed photographs?

The group’s goal is to raise money and awareness of the accommodation services provided by Cancer Council SA to regional areas around the country.

To help my colleague raise as much money to support the Cancer Council, I volunteered three framed photographs from my collection that will be sold in a silent auction to the staff of my department. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

But it has taken me a while to choose which works would sell highest in the auction!

Tonight I have made the final choices.

Check ‘em out:

They retail between $120 and $200 when bought framed from my Redbubble photo gallery, but I have no idea what they will sell for during the auction. I’ve got no idea when the results will be revealed, but I’ll be sure to let you all know!

PS. Some of you may notice that the article has changed quite radically from what was originally posted. This has happened at the request of the cyclist I am supporting.

Portrait of Ian McFarland

One of my fellow #SALA participants, Ian McFarland , let me shoot portrait photographs whilst he sat in his stall. Yes, we are both ‘artists in residence’ during SALA 2010 . With the glass window between us, I was able to capture him at his most candid. Good for me, good for him. The interesting reflection is the balustrade behind me as I crouched on the floor looking through the window.



Ian’s stall is across the void in one of the best studio’s because it has solid brick walls! See more of Ian’s artwork here.

Bottle of Wine with Your Framed Artwork

Islander Estate Vineyards (“IEV”), on Kangaroo Island, donated the wine for my #SALA gallery launch. Therefore we now have four bottles of their beautiful wines, 2 x red, 2 x white, available.

So here is the deal:

The next four buyers of a framed artwork from my #SALA store will each receive a bottle of choice with their purchase. You had better get here quick to get your favourite blend!

  1. IEV 2008 Shiraz
  2. IEV Sangiovese
  3. IEV Chardonnay [1]
  4. IEV Chardonnay [2]

Four Bottles of IEV Wine

Offer applies between August 8th – 22nd. Visit the stall ASAP. Only four bottles available.

WHERE: Shop 141, Adelaide Arcade (upstairs).
WHEN: Between July 31st and August 14th, 2010.

Success! Sales at my SALA Gallery!

Looking into my SALA Stall

If you haven’t heard: I am exhibiting twenty framed photographs of sea-scenes around Kangaroo Island. They are on display at Shop 141, upstairs in Adelaide Arcade. Please visit, I am there most days as an ‘artist in residence‘!

On Friday night we had the grand launch where approximately 150 people complimented, critiqued and commented on the works. I think I was blushing most of the night, and not just from the glorious wines we had available for visitors. (Plus some of the scrumptious chocolate delights had alcohol within them!)

Throughout last night, most of the twenty images were bought as cards. One framed image was purchased by a family member, which I personally find the highest compliment!

I got little sleep on Friday night as I thought about all the things that had to be done today (Saturday 31st July 2010), over the next few weeks, and about what the future may hold. Massive plans are in progress, and these few weeks will hopefully indicate the viability of these plans.

A great many people visited my SALA stall throughout today, and all of them perused my portfolio of 12×10″ prints within a large plastic-sleeve book. I had originally set the folder a couple of years ago to display work that I would take to other gallery’s in an effort to market and expose my work. This did not eventuate, but the idea never went away.

This folder sits on a table with my tubs of photo-cards. My intention was purely to use it, again, as a display folder … yet I am getting a lot of requests to buy the work at 12×10″ prints, either as-is or framed. These requests got more frequent today that tonight we have discussed costs and now are printing a simple cost-sheet to display!

Late this afternoon a very nice young lady, Emily Steele, visited my exhibition. She was one of many people who asked lots of great questions where I took the time to explain my knowledge base, my photographic journey, my learning curve, and how I shoot and capture my images. (If you want to hear about all this, come visit me!)

Of the many 12×10″ prints on display, Emily was very enthusiastic about these three photographs:

Chair in Sepia

Coffee in Carpark

Australian Icon

These are merely to show Emily (and others) how they appear; We will be printing and framing them locally.  You are also very welcome to purchase them from  my Redbubble gallery: These examples are with a black frame, an off-white matte and at the largest available print.


Tomorrow I will be taking time out, so the stall will be closed until Monday morning! My post on Monday will include the purchases I might make, the people I hopefully meet throughout the day, and the other exhibitions I visit around Adelaide! I look forward to meeting many more #SocADL members, plus my many Adelaide flickr and redbubble friends.