I finally got my own channel sorted out, but….

UPDATE 23.Nov.2016: Finally, a lot of issues sorted out. But changes are a’coming, the answer is blowin’ in the wind. (Cryptic? Yes.) So here is an update:

Despite recent changes to the hierarchy of vloggers on YouTube, I am still subscribed to a few…

Why List My Favorite YouTube Channels?

To get them out of my browser bookmarks. Yes, they are on my YouTube channel, but I wanted simpler access to those I view most. Yes, I did just post an article saying I am reducing my YouTube addiction, but occasionally I may visit them. ;) Here they are in order of preference:



Until finances change, I will no longer be viewing their videos. Also because it is very time consuming – when I should be editing MY work!

To make my YouTube videos I utilise Movavai Movie Editing. I find it incredibly easy to learn and use – which it should be for the effort we all put into our art.

Selling Tshirts to Finance my Family Relocation to Kangaroo Island to Breed Ligurian Bees